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Them’s shoppin’ words

Last night, while noticing that my computer screen has started to take on a pinkish tinge, and that I was irritated by it but resigned to living with it, Neil uttered these dangerous words: “New laptops are not as expensive as you think.”

What??  Is this true?  And why have you not mentioned this before??


Eight years ago was the last time I shopped for a computer.  I spent $1600 on it, and it served me reasonably well until it didn’t.  At that point last February, Neil helped me cobble together a busted hand-me-down laptop and some spare parts on eBay so that I wouldn’t be left computerless and twitching. It hasn’t been the ideal setup – the screen is being held on with electrical tape, for one thing – but I’ve lived with it because I’ve been under the delusion that I’d have to drop another grand and a half to replace it.

I can be a little slow to have certain concepts sink in.  Case in point: a few weeks ago, I went shopping for ink for my old printer/scanner/copier, and instead came home with a brand new printer/scanner/copier, because it was cheaper than new ink for my old machine.  That probably should have been a clue right there.

So anyway, after Neil uttered those words last night, I wasted no time hopping online, and for about 1/4 of what I paid for my laptop eight years ago, I’ve got a brand spankin’ new one on the way.  Woo hoo! (In retrospect, I would suppose this is exactly why Neil had not mentioned the price of laptops to me before…)

Now all I have to do is wait two weeks for it to arrive, and figure out how to replenish my PayPal account.  (Psst! Wanna preorder a DVD?!)

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Them’s shoppin’ words

  1. Yeah. I bought a new Blu-ray player over the weekend. It was a totally respectable brand, and it cost $139.99.
    Some further observations:
    -My parents’ first VCR cost about $1,000. That was in 1983. And it was a VCR.
    -The complete collection of Friends on DVD costs $30 more than my new Blu-Ray player.
    -Less relevant to price-comparing, but interesting nonetheless: The first two seasons of Greatest American Hero are now available on DVD for $17.44.
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: What today is like =-.

    1. Crazy! Speaking of GAH, we rented the whole series from Netflix last year and watched it with the boys. You just don’t realize quite how hokey your childhood tv shows were until you watch them as adults. The amusement factor of the special effects alone is worth that $17.44 price tag.

  2. Oh, and congratulations on your new laptop! So cool.
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: What today is like =-.

  3. I will so be pre-ordering that next week as soon as my check comes in and I have the money to do so 😀
    .-= See Kathi’s latest blog post: Central California Clayathon! Time is running out =-.

    1. Great! My beleaguered PayPal account thanks you in advance.

      I’m looking forward to watching that one myself – it should be arriving mid-March sometime.

  4. Congrats! I just got a new laptop too – using my Costco Amex rebate. My new i5 processor makes me happy. Call me easy to please! 🙂

    1. Yay for new laptops! I’m curious to see Windows 7. I’m still on XP with this machine.

      1. I’ve been using Win 7 for about a year. It’s solid, good, and with a new laptop with good graphics, it’s pretty. Plus, stuff that was relatively new when XP was released in 2001 (like, say WiFi) work much better. Please let me know if you need add’l MS software.

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