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New Publications for February

Innovations Ancient Structures and Surfaces

Roche, Nan

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, 2010)
149 minutes
List Price: $34.95

The 2004 workshop now on DVD!

Transform polymer clay into jewelry that emulates ancient structures such as chain mail, loop-in-loop chains, plaiting and braids. Learn to extrude polymer clay with layers of color within and use these as your ‘wire’ or ‘fiber’. The Asian influenced ancient surfaces presented are faux cloisonne and lacquer work using Nan’s unique techniques of captured foil and punched foil. Learn how to rivet with polymer clay while making a neckpiece from components made with these surfaces. You will make integrated findings with polymer clay and Buna rubber. Finally the detailed finishing techniques taught (sanding, polishing) will result in truly professional results.

This video presents 7 projects and includes material from 3 days of Nan’s workshops.

Innovations Bead Shapes and Design Volume II

Lewis, Karen aka Klew

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, 2010)

72 minutes
List Price: $34.95

The 2001 workshop now on DVD!

Klew’s Bead Shapes and Design Vol. II reveals more tips and techniques to use simple canes and scraps resulting in fabulous textured beads. You’ll learn to construct an apex bead in a Heart shape. Also, presented are Folded Beads, a polymer clay adaptation of a centuries old glass technique. The three variations of Carnival beads are just plain fun. The sophisticated Lantern beads belie their humble beginnings from your leftovers.

Innovations Faux Bronze Magic

Gibson, Gwen

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, 2010)

102 minutes
List Price: $34.95

The 2000 workshop now on DVD!

Learn how to use polymer clay to frame images and then apply rich surfaces of patina bronze. Gwen shares her latest discoveries about image transfers on polymer clay. Next, enhance images with polymer clay frames. The basic frame building techniques you’ll learn will be a springboard to creating endless variations. Finally, you’ll learn all about patinas that transform your work into ancient artifacts and more.

Innovations Precision Caning

Skinner, Judith

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, 2010)

88 minutes
List Price: $34.95

The 2001 workshop now on DVD!

Create a cane in a classic quilt pattern with polymer clay while learning Judith’s techniques for precision caning. Use Judith’s now famous “Skinner Blend” for color selection. Then use simple measurements to create a standard log cabin quilt pattern cane. Next, cut and recombine the canes in classic quilt patterns. Finally, explore ideas for using slices from the quilt canes to create pieces of jewelry.

Innovations Roses, Leaves and More

Haunani, Lindly

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, 2010)

105 minutes
List Price: $34.95

The 1999 workshop now on DVD!

Roses, Leaves and More is an in depth tutorial on the five fundamental principles of successful canemaking. You will learn the importance of value contrast, hue selection, clay preparation and cane construction. Learn how color coordination between your roses, leaves and backgrounds will increase the impact of your work. Strategies for laminating, onlaying and cane modification to craft your final projects are included. Utilize your bonus clay (leftovers) with two magical techniques – hypertwisting and Natasha beads. This video is jam packed with exciting projects, idea starters; tips, techniques and valuable bench tricks. Roses, Leaves and More is a must have addition to your polymer library.

PolymerCAFE April 2010

Schiller, Laura and Canuel, Kathy and Davenport, Marilyn and Brady, Marlene and Böhmer, Margit and Mabray, Angela and Zhao, Jane

Magazine (Scott Publications, 2010)

66 pages
List Price: $6.99

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PolymerCAFE is a full-color bimonthly print magazine dedicated to providing news, instruction, and events to hobbyists and enthusiasts in the world of polymer clay. The magazine contains columns that range from beginner’s instruction to professional level craft and business information. Other article types include how-to, profiles of polymer clay artists, hints and tips, children’s, and product reviews.

This issue’s projects include:

  • Mushrooms, A Home for Bugs Part 1 – Laura Schiller
  • Button Molded Beads – Kathy Canuel
  • Stripes into Geometrics – Marilyn Davenport
  • Faux Clay and Faux Raku Teapots – Marlene Brady
  • Big Rainbow Beads – Margit Böhmer
  • The Faux What? Challenge Winners
  • Glowing Beads – Angela Mabray
  • Rose Mirror – Jane Zhao

Plus many other features!

Coming Soon

Miniature Food Masterclass

Scarr, Angie

Paperback Book (Guild of Master Craftsman, 2009)

ISBN: 1861085257
150 pages
List Price: $19.95

This exciting new collection from Angie Scarr takes miniaturists on a voyage of discovery and inspiration. In a master class packed full of ideas, techniques, and easy-to-follow images, Angie reveals the secrets of her amazingly intricate work and invites us to share her passion for miniature food. She discusses tools and materials, and demonstrates how to create liquid and translucent effects; do glazing, molding, and caning; and use gels and polymers. The mouth-watering and extraordinarily detailed miniatures include various fruits and vegetables, yummy looking cakes and tarts, squid, stuffed olives, and cut coconuts.

Perfectly Paired

Kimle, Patricia

Paperback Book (Kalmbach Publications, APR 10)

ISBN: 0871162946
112 pages
List Price: $21.95

Each stunning project in Perfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry with Polymer and Metal Clays explores the interplay of textures and colors by combining two beautiful media: polymer clay and metal clay. Clear, concise writing and thorough step-by-step photos make rich inspiration for aspiring polymer or metal clay artists. The elegant jewelry pieces laid out here include pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, and charms. More than 20 sophisticated projects include variations and ideas that showcase each medium at its best.

Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations

Haab, Sherri

Paperback Book (Watson-Guptill, MAR 10)

ISBN: 0823099016
160 pages
List Price: $22.99

Welcome to Sherri Haab’s home studio

You’re invited to bestselling author and crafter extraordinaire Sherri Haab’s studio—where her inspired jewelry designs come to life. In Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations, you’ll see just what makes Sherri’s pieces special, from concept to creation. Supported by the detailed, step-by-step instructions that Sherri’s readers and students have come to expect, these 25 projects will do more than teach you new techniques in jewelrymaking—they’ll encourage you to seek out what inspires you.

Sherri gathers inspiration from all areas of her life and shares how her childhood memories, personal collections, love of cooking and gardening, early crafting experiences, and favorite times of the year become the basis for her charming jewelry designs. There’s inspiration all around you, and Sherri shows you how to find it. Sherri also demonstrates techniques in wirework, resin, polymer clay, metal clay, and image transfer. You’ll discover the exciting new art of resin clay and a new eco-friendly copper-etching technique. With these tips and techniques at your fingertips, and Sherri’s help in seeing how your everyday life can inspire you, there’s no limit to the beautiful jewelry you can create!

Innovations Confident Color

Haunani, Lindly

DVD-R DVD (AbbaDabba, MAR 2010)

List Price: $34.95

You will learn how to add harmony to your work with increased color confidence while learning valuable bench tricks and techniques for working with polymer clay. Lindly will walk you through making a series of color coordinated stripe blends that will be used to make eleven different laminated textile inspired patterns including: Ikat, Seminole Stripes and Flame stitch.

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