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Starting to look like a sweater


Don’t you think?  Once I finish the ribbing at the bottom,  I’ll just need to add the sleeves and the ruffle, and lastly the closure.  The closure is supposed to be crocheted ties, but I am thinking a shawl pin might be a fun option.

15shawlpin1 15shawlpin2

As luck would have it, I am currently holed up in a hotel outside of Atlantic City with a pile of clay, a box of tools, and three days to play.  (It’s the annual Clayathon weekend, you know.)  These are the prototypes I whipped up today.  They’re a little rough around the edges, since I forgot to bring my sanding supplies, but you get the idea. I’m likely to make more tomorrow.  They’re kind of fun!  What do you guys think?

Ok, I’m off.  It’s after midnight, and I’m getting sleeeepy.  Happy Weekend!


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “Starting to look like a sweater

  1. I love them both. Just the right extra touch.

  2. Those are great, what do you use for the stick part? Smiles, Sue C

    1. Half of a metal knitting needle – the really thin ones can be cut with a wire cutter.

  3. Beautiful sweater!
    .-= See Dara’s latest blog post: Tired, But Drinking Tea =-.

  4. Clever woman!
    .-= See Marty’s latest blog post: Time For a Change =-.

  5. Love the pins. They are gorgeous and I think one would be great on your new sweater – which is looking beautiful. you are such a talented lady. Have a fun time away.


  6. oh my goodness, i LOVE the shawl pins!!! will you be offering them in your shop sometime soon… hopefully?
    .-= See erika~the inspired mama’s latest blog post: the view from here =-.

    1. Yes! Just made a few more, too. Once I photograph them for the shop and figure out pricing, they’ll be good to go.

  7. Really great looking shawl pins. Could be hair pins as well. I like the pin idea more than the ties. Love the yarn color. Enjoy your Clayathon!

  8. They are both gorgeous and I too hope you might offer some of those pins in your shop!
    .-= See Mousy Brown’s latest blog post: Haiti =-.

    1. That’s the plan. Stay tuned for more details, once I figure them out 🙂

  9. […] at the Clayathon ended up being all about the shawl pins.  I’m so glad I tried making a few that first day, because I really loved the way they turned out.  Particularly once I’d spent some quality […]

  10. Saw this pattern on Ravelry, noticed that it might be another nice one to feature your shawl pins…

    (I’m not a knitter, so it’s not for me to make, but maybe somebody out there will like to know about it.)
    .-= See Penny’s latest blog post: What I read in 2009 =-.

    1. Oh that’s interesting! I like garments that can be worn multiple ways (not that I actually own any, but I like the idea…) I’ll have to bookmark that one, if it’s not too tricky to make.

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