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Neil spent the weekend at Philcon, and while he was there, his hotel room was going largely unused.  The boys and I felt obligated not to let that hotel money go to waste, of course, so we took one for the team, packed ourselves up, and drove ninety minutes south on Friday after school.

Road trip

Ninety minutes turned to 150 minutes in the face of traffic and ambiguous driving directions, but despite that, the trip was enjoyable, if a little long.  I gave Eamonn a printed map of our route, I gave Aidan our printed directions, and we passed the time talking about navigation, how to read a map, and the definition of “interstate.”

Something to keep in mind for the future: I underestimated Eamonn’s interest in map-reading.  Next trip we take, I will have to make him a more detailed map of the route so that he can see all of the turns we are taking.  Following along visually becomes difficult when you have 75 miles crammed onto a single page!

Hotel hijinks

So, our weekend was an enjoyable one, filled with the obligatory goofing off in front of the hotel mirror…

The obligatory t-shirt

the obligatory souvenir t-shirt, the obligatory dragging of the children into crafty shops (where I bought the obligatory craft supplies including a skein of yarn that I put right to work), and the obligatory down time in the hotel room.

Fingerless mitt

It was during some of this down time that I made two new pairs of fingerless mitts.  The first pair, was a simple one, made with the Paton’s Classic Wool in Dark Gray Mix that I had brought from home.  On the second pair, I experimented with ways to make the bottom edge come out better, and I ended up with something a bit frilly-looking. That’s not really my thing (although in this Brown Sheep Co. Lambs Pride Super Wash in Sable, I do kind of like it).  Not to worry, these girly mitts are not for me.  I’ve moved into Christmas gift-making mode (and it’s about time!).  I’m off to start a pair in Rose Quartz for someone on my list.  Now those will be girly mitts…


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Obligations

  1. Those mitts sure do look good in the pic!

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  3. I love the photos!!! You are a FUN mom!

  4. Oh yes, I love a good hotel room!

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