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I was struck yesterday by the small ways in which I’ve changed since I began blogging more regularly.  I was working on my jewelry display, deciding where things would go for that night’s vendor fair, and putting hang tags on items that needed them, when I saw it:  a picture that needed taking.  And it wasn’t a picture of my children, or of some fleeting moment of natural beauty in the back yard.  No, it was an accidental still-life involving a bowl of rings, a pile of hang tags, a pencil, a hole punch, and some garbage left over from the hole-punching process.  This is what fed my compulsion to go get my camera.  This is what interrupted my work.  And this is what I’m taking time to write about today.

Yep, times have changed.  I like it, though.  I like that I’m better-tuned to notice the interest in bits and pieces of everyday life.  I like that it’s jumping out at me more often, that I’m not having to seek it out so much, or try so hard to find it.  Is it the most amazing photograph ever taken?  Um, no.  It’s not even the most amazing photograph I’ve ever taken, and I’m really only a photographer wannabe.  I just like what it represents about my noticing skills these days.

Vendor fair

It’s been a long week, culminating in last night’s vendor event.  (The best thing I can say about that, is that I didn’t tank.)  I don’t know if I pulled in enough to make all of the preparation and lugging worthwhile, but I covered my costs and then some, so at least there’s that.  Anyway, I’m pooped out, and I’m taking this morning off.  I dropped the kids off at their respective schools, picked up coffee and a bagel, and have been spending my time so far going through the photos of the last few days and formulating my thoughts.  Not a bad way to spend a morning, particularly when the previous week has felt so busy and rushed.  I’m welcoming the chance to do only what I want to do for the next few hours.

This afternoon I’ll be right back to plans and preparations again.  This time, though, it’s entirely pleasure.  The boys and I are going to head out for a change of scenery this weekend, but I’ve no idea yet what we’re going to do with ourselves when we get there.  Mostly, I think we’ll wing it, but it would also be nice to have a few ideas written down.  And by “ideas” I mean fabric stores, yarn shops, and crafty places.  Heh.  Those poor, poor boys.


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. The table looks good. And sometimes taking a few moments to concentrate on the small details in life is the way to go.

    lol.. poor boys indeed. Hopefully Mom will also stop by some candy shops, some holiday fun stuff and maybe even a bookstore.

    My daughter would be sympathetic.

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    1. I just found a bead shop and a thrift shop that I want to go to… I’m thinking that I will need to come up with some enticing incentives for good behavior. As in, “let me browse peacefully in my stores and then we can ____ for you.”

      Candy shop would go over well with them, but then I’d have to deal with a pair of boys with sugar highs in a dinky hotel room – not sure I’m up for that, LOL!

  2. The part I love about a busy week is…it always gives in to something fun. Enjoy the weekendwith the boys. Kashoan

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  3. I dragged along my son to a craft show this afternoon. And yes, a pizza bribe was involved. 🙂

    The table looks great. Love the bag you’ve got displayed there. Hmmm.

  4. I am glad that it went well. It looks great. I am also glad you took the day off. It is nice to do that!

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