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Night of the living mitts

So, I made another pair of fingerless mitts and sat down to take a few pictures

I’ve been experimenting with different ideas for fingerless mitts, and I finally got them looking like I envisioned.

so i just went with it

I can knock out one mitt per night of TV, which means I may actually be able to make a nice little pile of them for Christmas gifts.

but a certain someone wouldn't get out of the shot

I just need to remember next time I want to take pictures of them…

and will have to get him back later

…to do it while Neil is at work.

Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Night of the living mitts

  1. Do you have a pattern you can share?

    1. I made the same way I made these, but with the following changes:

      • I used a single strand of yarn throughout, instead of a double.
      • I started from the bottom instead of the top (i.e. at the wrist side instead of the finger side)
      • At row 31, I switched to a different color yarn

      Hope that helps!

  2. Very nice! They look great and I’m loving the fun photos.

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  3. You did it! Those look GREAT! And the pix cracked me up 🙂

  4. love the mits. congrats on getting it. and why is it that the boys think it’s funny to make fun? they are just jealous aren’t they?!

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  5. cool mits!

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  6. Those mitts look great! I also love this picture set; that’s exactly what my husband would do if he caught me taking pictures of myself too. =)

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  7. Oh my goodness…it has been said that after you have been married for some time that you start to look like your spouse. And you guys look like each other. I mean of course you look your gender but you look like you could be brother and sister. You guys are too funny.

  8. […] was hard to pass up the turtleneck I found in my favorite green – the green that perfectly matched my mittens.  (Besides, when the perfect Winter skirt and shoes do appear, all of this stuff can be worn with […]

  9. These look great – I hope i can run a few pairs up myself for Christmas presents! Thanks for the pattern
    I love your pictures KEEP NEIL IN!!!!!

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  10. Ohmygosh you make it so simple! thanks so much!! 😀

  11. Aww! Its so easy! I loveeeees it!

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