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And so begins the parade of gifts

Slightly wonky hat for my brother I’m trying once again to embrace the handmade Christmas idea.  I won’t go entirely handmade, but I want there to be an element of it in everyone’s gift.  I’ve always felt this way, but it’s been easier recently since I’ve expanded my crafty skills somewhat.  There are only so many clay baubles one can give one’s relatives before it becomes predictable, you know?

So I finished the first of what I hope to be many gifts this weekend: a hat for my brother.  When trying to prove to my mother a few weeks ago, that fingerless mitts were not hopelessly out of style, we asked my hip 24-year-old brother whether he’d wear them.  His answer? “Sure, if they had finger holes.”  Well, I’m not up for finger holes at the moment, and I said as much.  “You can make me a hat, then,” was his response.

Slightly wonky hat for my brother I’m a little surprised by that – I didn’t really think he’d want me to make him anything.  So I jumped at the hat idea, and here it is.  It’s not perfect – I think the brim is a little odd – but I hope he’ll like it.

Some details for the curious

Pattern: Modified version of “Winter Hat” from Isela Phelps’ Loom Knitting Primer.  I replaced the patterned rows with a solid stripe.

Loom: Yellow Knifty Knitter (large gauge, 41 pegs)

Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool in Dark Gray Mix and Jade Heather

I was able to share images of this here because my brother is probably more likely to eat broken glass than he is to read a blog where the words “knitting,” “sewing,” and “baking” are mentioned as much as they are here.  Other gifts I make, I’ll have to be more careful about, and probably will have to share them the week after Christmas.

One Object 365 Days: 322/365 11/17/08 So, what kinds of things are you making this year for your holidays?

P.S.  I don’t recommend wearing hats on one’s feet.  It makes walking somewhat troublesome.


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Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “And so begins the parade of gifts

  1. The hat is cute. And if it is slightly wonky, perhaps the brother is as well?

    We’re making some of our gifts this year – the boyfriend wants a replacement to the duct tape wallet his sister made him in high school(!), my mom always wants more jewelry, my nephew is getting some wood trucks… whatever else I can come up with!

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    1. Haha, yes, the brother has some wonky bits, too 🙂

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually *request* an item made out of duct tape – it must have held up pretty well, if he wants another one!

      1. lol… duct tape bags, wallets and other stuff is huge (or was a few years ago).

        You can buy Duck Tape brand in every colour imaginable. Scary but true.

        I tried to convince him he’d be better off with a nice leather men’s wallet but oh well . New and shiny black is better than torn and frayed metallic silver 🙂

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  2. very nice! We’re making all of our gifts this year, except for what comes from Santa. Dolls and more dolls, placemats & coasters, quilted pillows, messenger bags, hats, handwarmers, sweater vests. I hope that’s it.

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    1. That sounds ambitious! Does the whole family make each other gifts, or do you find it’s mostly up to you? I am working on getting my boys more involved this year, but the husband is a harder sell 😉

  3. I love it! It’s way better than what I would have come up with…not too keen on knitting just yet.

    Last year I made dessert-like goodies for each family and gave them all a cookbook special for each family’s needs. This year I haven’t yet decided. We have all planned on drawing names. So I’m sure whomever’s name that I draw will get some handmade AND store bought goodness…especially if it happens to be one of the men in the family. I just never know what to make men..but a crocheted hat, I could do that!

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  4. I’ve been making dolls, but I don’t have photos yet. You can see my backpack purse and soft scrub bleached top that are gifts at this link:

    I like that hat. I don’t think it looks wonky at all!

    I had a loom knitter when I was a little girl. Plus, my mom used to make us loom knitters out of wooden thread spools and nails. Wish I could remember how to do it!

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  5. That’s a nice looking hat! Not wonky at all! And I like the colors, too.

    We draw names in my family, and I was thinking the other day of whoever’s name I get, trying to make something for them. What I’ll make definitely depends upon whose name I draw…. But I did make a scarf for a nephew last year, and he still wears it. He’s a hip college dude, so… handmade *can* be cool 🙂

    However, I need to finish the baby blanket I started on awhile ago and haven’t finished. And the baby was born last Thursday. Oops.

  6. I proposed to my family that we either give handmade, thrifted, or a screaming deal from a clearance rack. As for me, everything will be handmade. I knitted matching ponchos for my two grand nieces, age 6 & 5, and my granddaughter age 4. Same yarn, different colors. I’ve been making socks and fingerless gloves (what a coincidence!). I developed a quick cowl pattern and might make those to match the fingerless gloves. A satin plaid Christmas dress, the list gets longer and longer!!

  7. I tend to make a few, but not all, of my holiday gifts. This year’s plans:

    – Stuffed bunnies for a friend’s baby twin girls (done!), and a Bugs Bunny for her older son

    – Convertible mittens (like the ones I made for you) for my mother-in-law

    – A sweater for my mother

    I can’t make anything for Ray as a surprise since he kind of lives here…so that’s pretty much it for handmade gifts this year.

  8. ok, my list….it’s late for the posting, but anyways. raggedy ann doll w/blanket, american girl doll clothes, vintaged suitcase to hold all the doll clothes, maybe a play mat for outerspace dudes, i am sure there is more. our family is doing a trade. everyones present goes in the pot,pick #’s draw a present then open and hope no one else steals yours!! we are doing a food storage theme. my honey and i are bringing peanut butter and jellies!!!

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  9. You are all full of such nice ideas! I may mine these comments if I find myself coming up short in a few weeks 🙂

  10. About every other year I get creative and make gifts for Christmas, 2008 is the year for “clay baubles” as you say. And in giving credit where credit is due, I gave your “Keepsake Party Favors” tutorial for the design of the necklaces and earrings I am making. It has been fun, thank you for writing and posting it.

    1. So glad you found that tutorial useful! Maybe you’ll post pictures of what you ended up with sometime?

  11. Sure, as soon as i have some finished product, i will try ond post some pictures. This is my first attempt at this so i’m crossing my fingers and toes they will look ok 🙂

  12. […] sizes.  I haven’t made any of the projects exactly as written (I rarely do…), but the hat I made my brother for Christmas was essentially the “Winter Hat” project, with a fat stripe replacing the snowflake […]

  13. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve been following your cool creations for some time, now, and felt I should thank you for sharing with all of us out here in the ethernet, lol. You’ve given me inspiration to get back into looming for friends and family. (My 2 older kids are kind of hard to please, since they tend to be perfectionists.)
    I am working on a few baby gifts for our brand new grandson. He is our 1st grand baby, so I am going crazy with looming little booties, hats, toys, etc. I have 2 ladies that both needle knit and crochet like pros, and have made him blankets and booties. Lots of competition! I am also going to try to make a “sampler afghan” for my hubby for cuddling, heehee.
    Hope you are having fun with all of your creative ideas. Again, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Jolene, that’s very nice of you to comment. Congratulations on your grandson! I wish I had known how to knit, crochet, or even sew when my 2 boys were little (they’re 9 and 12 now). A new wave of nephews and nieces has finally begun, though, so I get a chance to make little things for them 🙂

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