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Blankie O’ Love

So, as you know, I’ve had a cold for the last few days, and I’ve been using the enforced down time to bind two quilts.  And through all of that time, I’ve often had a little five-year-old companion.  He hops up on the couch, finds the small crook behind my knees, and installs himself there with the diversion of his choice: my laptop, a clipboard with pencil and paper, or a handful of action figures.  Sometimes he brings over a book for me to read him, too.

Today I’m feeling much better.  I spent some time this morning preparing a crock pot soup and a bread machine french bread for our supper.  I did the machine-sewing part of the binding for my yellow quilt.  And I processed a pile of orders.  So when Eamonn came home from Kindergarten after lunch, I was tired and sitting on the couch for a breather, watching a really awful game show.  The yellow quilt-in-progress was on the floor at my feet.  Eamonn, who it turns out loves really awful game shows, sat down next to me with four Ultraman action figures and asked if we could use the quilt.

I agreed, and Eamonn, the four Ultramen, my laptop, and I spent a good hour under that unfinished quilt, while some really awful game shows played on the tv in the background.

This boy, who’s mantra lately has been “I hate kisses!” and who tries valiantly to escape our hugs, has been utterly transformed.  The introduction of lap quilts into this house has had the unanticipated effect of turning him back into the cuddle bug he used to be.  It’s very sweet.  We’ve taken to calling this last quilt “Mommy’s Blankie O’ Love.”  The description makes us giggle and enjoy the coziness all the more.

I think this is one of the reasons I am enjoying sewing so much – it is giving me the opportunity to make things for my family that are useful in a practical & sometimes comforting way.  As much as I love making jewelry, no bracelet, necklace, or clay-covered pen of mine has ever inspired as much togetherness as these quilts have.

And wow.  I haven’t a single image for this post.  Clearly I have not been myself this week!



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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Blankie O’ Love

  1. There is absolutely no warmth more satisfying than that you feel under a quilt handmade by someone who loves you. Eamonn sure is one lucky, lucky boy!


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