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Fun with foam

Super Foam-erator fun

I have a plethora of crafty feeds in my reader, including a handful that do little more than point out highlights from other crafty blogs.  This morning, CRAFT: Magazine had a link to Betz White’s blog that instantly grabbed my attention.  Why?  Well, for one thing the featured project was something that looked like it would be fun to try with the kids.  But more importantly, it looked easy, and I had the supplies on hand.

Super Foam-erator fun

While the boys finished up their lunches, I set to work slicing into a few water bottles and cutting up an old wash cloth.  I didn’t tell them what I was up to, and they worked themselves into a tizzy trying to guess.  I love doing that to them 😀

Outside, we spent the next half an hour making foam.  Not only was it a fun little activity, but it was also somewhat of a science experiment: discovering, for example, that the foam was denser, more full and lush, after dipping the bottle briefly in a nearby puddle.

Super Foam-erator fun

Nothing like a little bit of bubble fun utilizing items bound for the trash.  I think we’ll go outside in a few minutes and have a bit of pre-bedtime foam fun.  Maybe I’ll even make up bottles for me and Neil 🙂

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Fun with foam

  1. oh! I know what we’re doing tomorrow! Foam!

    Good clean fun, huh?

  2. Oh what fun! I think I need to go raid the neighbor’s recycle bin for some water bottles. My boys will love this!

  3. hmmmmmmmmm that looks too cool!

  4. Lisa,
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for this great idea. saved me from losing my head…we have a houseful this week. the kids are having a blast make’n foam!!!

  5. As soon as I am done typing this comment…I am going to make this!! Joseph is going to LOVE IT!!! I also have all the materials!! Thanks so much for this great project!
    …The Dasti’s would have a pretty boring summer if it wasn’t for Lisa Clarke’s Blog!!!! ha ha ha

  6. Lisa, your boys are lucky to have such a fun mom! I’m glad you’re all having such a wonderful summer. They grow up so fast and it’s nice to see that you’re enjoying this special time with them.

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