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Color Challenge Finalists for June

Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge Finalists

So, June ended yesterday, and as such so did the Color Challenge for PURPLE! We had 110 appropriate entries to the pool, and I picked nine of my favorites to be finalists. Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner:

  1. Spring rabbit n°05 07, by kifkif
  2. Purple Shard Window Pendant – June 2008, by libzoid
  3. LilacDreams, by kateveeme
  4. Pill Boxes, by kimcavender
  5. Pendant, by pcbysusan
  6. purside, by dragonsglass
  7. christmas_monster, by revoluzzza
  8. Lavender, by marymyrtleminiatures
  9. my “Vintage Girl” at the israeli guild exhibit, by hagitsh

I encourage you to take a closer look at these photos and at the rest of the ones in the pool! Leave your comments on the photos over at flickr and let the artists know what you think – it’s always gratifying to hear that something you made has gotten a positive reaction from another creative type.

If you are one of these finalists and would like to elaborate here on what was involved in creating your entry, be my guest – the comments section is yours icon_smile-flickr-29

And now, I turn to the trusty random number generator to select a winner:

Drumroll please…

And the winner is… #4! Congratulations, Kim! You know I’m a sucker for groupings of different-but-coordinating items – I love those pill boxes! I will be emailing you shortly with information about your $25 gift certificate.

Everyone else, get ready for July. This is the LAST month of the Color Challenge! It’s been a fun contest, and I’d like to finish it off with something a little different. Now that’s we’ve been through so may colors, let’s do BLACK & WHITE! I look forward to seeing what great things you come up with. Thanks, as always, for your participation!

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Color Challenge Finalists for June

  1. Lisa
    Thanks so much for selecting me as a finalist. There is such wonderful work in this flickr group. I’m so glad I found this group & I’m looking forward to the last challenge.
    Congrats to Kim – your pill boxes are beautiful. I can’t pick just one.


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  2. Congrats Kim!

    Heck I am just honored to make it in the top 10. My jaw dropped when I saw it on flickr 🙂 Thanks Lisa

  3. Congratulations Kim! They’re all beautiful photos 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa!
    It’s exciting to see my pendant in your group of finalists! Congratulations Kim!! Your pillboxes are so cute and so you!
    Thanks for having the challenges Lisa!

  5. Wow, I just saw this after Kifkif left me a nice comment on Flickr. Thanks so much Lisa. I can honestly say that I NEVER win anything so I’m feeling extremely lucky today. Maybe I should go buy a few lottery tickets too!

    There’s some beautiful work represented here and I’m very flattered that you chose the pill boxes as one of your finalists. They’re so easy to do and making those mandala-type arrangements with little leftover cane pieces can be pretty addictive. The instructions are in my book, Polymer Clay For the Fun of it, if anyone is unsure how to make these for themself. I think just about any type of small tin would work great for this.

    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all the great things submitted for the final challenge!

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