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Reasons to be cheerful

New pillowcases

1. New pillowcases, because it’s finally hit me that pillows and sheets need not be a matched set. I predict more of these handmade lovelies in my future.

2. Daydreams about new paint colors and cheery makeovers.

Time to make the jam

3. Strawberry jam, made with local berries I picked myself.

4. Bowls of after-supper ice cream.

Six One Way: Week of June 23

5. Putting together mosaics every week for the Six One Way flickr group, the Week in Review flickr group, and of my flickr favorites.

6. The attic fan, which pulls a lovely breeze in the windows and helps us put off using the a/c as long as possible.

New skirt

7. Feeling breezy in handmade a-line skirts and flip-flops.

8. Getting a nice list of things accomplished this afternoon after a slow start this morning.

New pendants

9. Pendants: new ones from blockpartypress, and a rediscovered one that belonged to my grandmother.

10. Installing a nifty new plugin that shows what I was up to blog-wise a year ago (and the year before that, and the year before that…) Always fun to go back in time that way, I think!

These are my reasons to be cheerful today. How about yours?



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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. I love the pillow case – you made it? was it from sheet? Beautiful!
    I often wish we had an attic fan out here… but I am not sure how much it would help, it is just too darn hot and humid

    Loved your post today – it certainly put a smile on my face

    See what Jen has been blogging about: Dock-a-doo-doo?!?!?!?

    1. Yep, I made the pillowcase (two of them actually) out of one of my favorite fabrics. I had used the same stuff to make pajamas last year:

      New Pants

      It’ll be funny that I’m going to match my pillows now!

      The attic fan definitely doesn’t help when it’s humid. In fact, using it is just a surefire way to make sure my bare feet stick to every wood floor in the house. Ewww. We’ve been lucky that it hasn’t been unbearably humid all that much yet.

  2. I feel cheerful about the new canes I’m working on and the fact that the poppies are blooming in my garden!

    I love those necklaces from Block Party Press! I can see why they make you cheerful. And homemade strawberry jam… what could be better than that?!

    See what Cindy Lietz has been blogging about: USA Clay Cane Designs Absent From Fimo Nail Art Trends in Google

    1. New canes sound like fun! I haven’t done that myself in a while…

      Yep, I’m a big BPP fan. I think I’ve got enough of her stuff to keep me entertained for some time now.

  3. Your pillow cases are divine!

    1. Thanks! They’re just another step in my planned bedroom makeover. Pillow shams, throw pillows, and a duvet cover are next, assuming I don’t lose interest halfway through the project. It’s been known to happen 😀

  4. Your pillow cases are so pretty. I love that fabric.

    Warm up a little of the strawberry jam and drizzle (more like DUMP!) it over some vanilla ice cream. So very good! 🙂

  5. All wonderful reasons!

  6. Cheerful? Definitely. Right now I’m loving the hot sticky weather, re-discovery of my favorite Indigo Girls album (Swamp Ophelia… at least I think it’s my favorite. Right now anyway!) and my most recent Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea addiction. Yum!

    Love the skirt. Aren’t summer skirts great?

    See what Robyn has been blogging about: Is $70.04 OK?

  7. […] fabric anyway. What I’d really like to do is use the same Heather Bailey stuff as I used on my pillowcases. I have enough for this project. But the buttons? They’d be an issue. In that I didn’t […]

  8. I love the pillowcase and the skirt. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Oh, I think it deserves it one more time. Lovely!

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