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Library thing

My current reading list

I signed up for Library Thing sometime last year, but never bothered to populate it. I have a lot of books. Enough that it could take me weeks to enter them all. I couldn’t face the prospect, so my account languished.

Michele’s new blog gave me the push I needed to look at it more closely. When I saw you could import books from other sites, rather than typing them in one by one, I decided maybe it wouldn’t take quite as long as I’d feared. I fed it my Amazon wish list, and the book pages from my store, and it filled up my library quite nicely. I still had to go through and delete some inappropriate entries (mostly books from my store that I didn’t like enough to keep a personal copy of), and add others that I acquired elsewhere. I haven’t even begun to add titles from my fiction collection, but since I don’t really read much of that these days, it’s not a priority. For the most part, this library is a list of things that appeal to my crafty/domestic side.

Anyway, if you have a Library Thing account and would like to befriend me, feel free! If you’re not interested in that, but you like to see what I’m reading (why? I don’t know. I just thought you might, ok?) you can check out the sidebar. My current reading list is displayed there. The only thing I don’t like about that widget is that it links to Amazon. It would be better if I could configure it to link to my store, since I do sell some of those books, too, and I need the money more than Amazon does 😀

I leave you with a gratuitous chick pic that has nothing to do with anything:

Chick project

Eamonn’s school is watching a dozen eggs hatch this week. More pictures here.


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Library thing

  1. I think I had Library Thing for several months before I put any books on it. I was told I could only list 200 if I had the free account. Since I own quite a few more books than that (more like a couple of thousand), I kind of froze–I couldn’t decide which ones were the most important. I finally put a half dozen or so on it, but I’ve been quite the flibbertigibbet elsewhere on the internet and haven’t gotten back to it.

    *sigh* I suppose it’s time….


  2. Thanks for introducing me to Library thing. I am off to explore! And by the way – i enjoy your blog and admire your jewelry. bye. frivolitea

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for the link! I love library thing and just use it for books going forward. I don’t even know what’s in my library! LOL

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