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I spoke too soon

About nine hours after I said I was fine, I discovered in no uncertain terms that I was not. I guess cuddling with a sick kid has it’s risks. Today I’m still feeling blechy but not nearly as bad as yesterday. It’s a fever and a headache that are my worst problems at the moment.  My eyes are killing me!

So my computer was off for 36 hours. I think that’s a record. In that time I accumulated an unbelievable 460 new email messages in my inbox. 400 of them were taken care of right away by my spam filter, but that still leaves 60 of them to go through, and I can pretty much guarantee that half of them are also junk. And that’s just my business email. I haven’t even looked at my personal mailbox yet.

Poor Eamonn turned five yesterday among little fanfare. He’s still under the weather, and I was too sick to have even a couple of grandparents over for him. Neil and Aidan were able to sneak in a little birthday shopping on Thursday night while I stayed home with Eamonn (before I got sick myself) so the little guy would have something to open on Friday. One of the things they got him was season one of Spongebob Squarepants on DVD, and as a result, we essentially had a Spongebob marathon all day yesterday.

Let me tell you, if I have to be too sick to move, the one silver lining for me has always been that as least I get to watch tv all day. And by “watch tv all day” what I really mean is “watch what I want to watch on tv all day.” I like Spongebob, but he’s not what I would have chosen to fill an entire miserable day with. But, Eamonn was still unwell himself, and it was the poor kid’s birthday after all, so I sucked it up.

I guess there’s always the next debilitating virus for gorging myself on Martha Stewart, DIY, HGTV or clay videos Wink

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “I spoke too soon

  1. I and your baby feel better soon:)

    1. Thanks, Shannon. We’re all better now 🙂

  2. Way to take one for the team, there slugger.

    Get well soon.

    1. Yeah, isn’t it? Don’t know what I was thinking, LOL! We all ended up with it, anyway. Glad to be feeling better today.

  3. oiks!! You two need to stop sharing cooties and feel better soon. huggles

  4. […] As I lounge here on the couch, portable computer on my lap, waiting for the lingering unpleasantries of this illness to pass, I am suddenly in the mood to make myself some cheery pajama pants. […]

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