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Eight years, one day, and counting

Son #1's birthday 8 years agoYesterday we celebrated the anniversary of the day I had two large nurses jumping forcefully on my abdomen in an effort to eject a certain stubborn little person who had decided to be born two weeks early and then changed his mind at the last minute.

The little stinker is now eight years old and still resists being taken places he’d rather not go.  He’s still a homebody, preferring the warm glow of a computer monitor to the quaint outdoorseyness of a downtown shopping district in the springtime (can you tell I’m itching for the warmer weather and a little small town window shopping?).  It’s still an effort to get him out of the house oftentimes, but thankfully it can be done these days without the aid of a vacuum extractor and forceps.  Whew.

Aidan's birthday

So I made my little boy with the sweet tooth two sets of brownies – one to take to school, and one to have at home with us.  We added singing, candles, grandparents, cousins, gifts, the whole shebang.

Aidan's birthday

I think he had a nice time.  However, Eamonn, who has been told for the last several months, “you’ll be 5 when Aidan is 8,” was distressed to come to the sudden realization yesterday afternoon that, “hey!  Aidan is 8 and I’m not 5 yet!”  Just five more weeks, kiddo.  Five more weeks.


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Eight years, one day, and counting

  1. Happy birthday, Aidan! And happy eight years of motherhood to you, Lisa! He was a big newborn, from that picture, wasn’t he? We do birthday brownies instead of cake here, too. (Actually, Nell’s firmly of the opinion that if the day is named on the calendar–Purim, Arbor Day, Autumnal Equinox, you name it–that’s an occasion for brownies.)

    1. Ooh, yum, I’m with Nell. I love brownies!

      He was 7-11 when he was born, which isn’t too big. At least, not by my family’s standards. He’s actually the smallest to be born since before me!

  2. Aw, happy birthday! And a brownie cake…what a great idea!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, his “cake” of choice is always brownies. I can definitely live with that. I looooove brownies.

  3. Happy Birthday, Aidan! Eight years… we’ve all been web buddies for nearly nine years now. It’s still a shock to me. I still think all this happened a few weeks ago, but somehow, mysteriously, I’ve woken up and it is eight years later and my house is covered in pokemon cards and bioncles parts!

    The cake looks goooood… brownies. They bring out the Homer Simpson in me.


    1. I know what you mean! I often wonder when we switched from plush toys and Mega Blocks to Ultraman and remote-controlled robots.

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