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New banner

I am so glad I asked you guys for your opinions! I really was just looking for you all to pick numbers, but what you gave me was much more. As a result, I didn’t just pick one of the choices, but rather I picked one and then made some changes to it based on your ideas.

The overwhelming majority of you liked #3, and I think I would have picked that, too, left to my own devices. So #3 it is. Here is the original:

Possible etsy shop banner #3

And here is the modified version:

FInal etsy shop banner

I wasn’t thrilled with the original tagline, and Lori mentioned that she thought “jewelry” was a better choice than “accessories.” I agreed.

Several of you said that the buttons & things didn’t stand out enough from the backgrounds. Additionally, I thought that the three buttons I had to work with weren’t enough. So this morning I made a pendant and some earrings, and replaced my least favorite image photos with those. I’m happier with this arrangement and hopefully the products are easier to see.

I had a few suggestions to put the products on solid backgrounds, and while I can understand the reasons in theory, I think it goes against my plan to attract fabric-lovers. I want people to recognize some of their favorite prints in the banner. I also want this banner to be consistent with the three others (books, gifts & blog), which means I’m locked into this setup for the time being.

So. I’m happy with the results and I thank you for all of your feedback! And as far as my little giveaway goes, my trusty random number generator says Angela is the lucky winner. Yay, Angela! I’d like to make you a pendant, if that’s ok. Drop me a line and let me know your color scheme choice. It can be one of these, or one of the designer schemes on etsy.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “New banner

  1. Love it!!! Clay is something I’ve been trying to get into, but I feel kind of overwhelmed, so I don’t get very creative with it. I wish you were my neighbor!!!

    1. Thanks! You know, it’s a lot less overwhelming if you start simple – just a few bars of clay, a couple of basic tools, and a book aimed at children. That’s how I started.

  2. I really like the little tweaks you did to this banner. Here’s hoping this means your etsy store takes off like a hot rocket!

  3. Woo-hoo! Thank you (& your trusty random number generator) for picking me! I’m drooling over the color choices now, so I’ll drop you a line when I make my choice.

    Good job on the changes: I agree the tagline is much better, and I like that you’ve included the earring pic.

    1. Thanks! And I got your email, so I’ll get started on that pendant 🙂

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