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Oh, poop!

I spent my beautiful Saturday morning (and part of Friday night) packing up orders to ship out. My letter carrier tends to come earlier on Saturdays, so it’s usually a bit of a rush to get everything packed & weighed, the credit cards charged, and the postage printed & applied before he gets here. I got through most of those steps today, only to get stalled at the printing part. My black ink cartridge is completely dry. Oh, poop!

Under the most perfect of conditions, There would have been no time for a quick run to Drug Fair to get more ink. Today would have been even harder, given I’d have had to coral two shirtless little boys and get them to stop bickering long enough to get dressed and out the door. I just couldn’t face that for a mission that was doomed to fail anyway. So, the packages remain here and will go out on Monday morning. Assuming I remember to go buy ink

Ok, I have to go put an end to the bickering in the other room before it puts and end to me. I was going to putz around the house today, but now I know I have got find something for us to do today that will distract those two from being at each others’ throats.


Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Oh, poop!

  1. Your post reminded me of us here at home! Me trying to get some work done and the kids fighting in the background. Crazy stuff sometimes! I’m glad to have found your blog and thanks for adding me to your flickr account(reddaisydesign)! 🙂

  2. I think maybe that’s just a universal truth – siblings are little angels until Mom is busy, and then they want to tear each other’s hair out! 😉

    I liked your new cane tutorials – very bright & pretty colors. Thanks for dropping by!

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