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More sewing and a little contest

Yesterday I made the apron I’d been planning to make, and it only took me a hour! The first one I made took twice as long. I guess I’m getting the hang of this sewing thing… Here are some flickr pictures for your viewing pleasure. I had enough fabric left to make a tote bag, too. I carried it around on my errands this morning, although I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. So that makes three sewing projects under my belt. Cool.

I’m having fun with this sewing machine, and my impulse is to run right out and buy lots of fabric to play with. However, I’m not good enough at this to sell anything I make, and I only need so many aprons and tote bags, LOL! So, I’m resisting for the most part. I do have a fun apron-related idea that might help me recoup some of my losses, but it’s still in the formative stages in my mind.

I bought some cheap-o fat quarters at the Rag Shop this morning that I plan to use to make small tote bags for the boys, and I want to make myself a simple skirt once I pick out the perfect fabric. I’d also like to make some valences for the bare windows in my bedroom, once I find the perfect fabric for that. It’s hard to find a fabric that both


and I find appealing, though. I bought a funky pillow on etsy that I love for the bedroom. If I pair it with a white lightweight quilt and a couple of coordinating solid-color throw pillows, I think it would be a cheery, summery look. I want to make valences to complement that look. (And another darker set to swap in when the winter comes). I think I need to take the pillow shopping with me, though, so I can find the right colors.

If I could, I’d completely go to town at the reprodepot. How cool would it be to have an apron with little miniature jello molds on it? Or maybe lemons and cherries? Maybe I should just whip up a whole pile of aprons right now while I’m in the mood, and then put them away for 7 months to be used as Christmas gifts…

pce15-flickrOk, here’s a question for all of you clayheads out there. When you are hard at work in your studio (or your dining room table, as the case may be) and your hands get a little messy from liquid clay, or even regular clay, what do you do? Do you get up and wash them? use a baby wipe? wipe them on your pants? just ignore it? Post a comment and tell me what you do with your sticky hands while you’re claying. I’ll pick one of the comments at random to win an only-viewed-once copy of the brand new DVD “Extruding Polymer Clay Canes” by Cindy Beljan. Just make sure to mention your name in your comments, and check back tomorrow to see if you won!

Happy Claying!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “More sewing and a little contest

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