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Twenty days


Just a little chit chat on this Wednesday morning. It’s been a while since we’ve done that.

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11 365

I have two updates for you: 1) Neil’s surgery went well. He is now a cyborg. 2) My hexagon blanket is going well. I had plenty of time to crochet while waiting at the hospital yesterday. Although, I didn’t crochet the whole time. I also looked at the clock and fidgeted. We’ve been having a […]

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This boy

At Grandma

Ever since the days of the “Blankie O’ Love” this boy has been all about Cozy. Wherever he is, if there’s a blanket nearby, he’ll get under it.  (I took this picture at my in-laws’ house the other night, where he had easily made himself at home under Grandma’s blanket.) He still thinks he is […]

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