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TWiP: Desks

This Week in Pictures, Week 15, 2018

Ever since I cleaned off my desk at home, I’ve been enjoying taking pictures of it. And this week my desk at work moved to a new spot, so of course, there must be photos of that, too. I spend a lot of time at one desk or another. It’s entirely possible I do too much sitting.

Maybe next week’s images should feature some exercise…

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the microblogging I’ve done on Instagram all week. This includes photos I shot for Project 365 (the theme for 2018 is mornings: #myyearofmornings2018) and any other extra images I may have posted.

πŸ“· = taken with my Canon EOS 80 D
πŸ“± = taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


365 πŸ“·: #myyearofmornings Apr 07 – Shipped a barrette, a key ring, a badge reel, a crochet hook, and a mandala this morning. #girlboss #polkadotcottage


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 08 – Belated birthday bagel brunch for the boy at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house πŸ’• [Taken at my parents’ house.]


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 09 – So, I asked about that cubicle by the window, and now I’ve moved in! I will miss my old neighborhood, but look at that natural light! 🌞 [Taken at work.]


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 10 – Fueling up β˜• [Taken at work.]

Instagram πŸ“±: – It’s a #sayitwithflowersmandala. It’s not staying here on the desk – that would be overkill. I’m going to put it on top of my dresser. Someday. After I’ve decluttered it 😁. My dresser is soooo messy…


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 11 – So I guess I can start getting serious about losing a few pounds tomorrow… #donutsatwork 🍩 [Taken at work.]


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 12 – Finally, a day where I don’t need to wear socks! 🌞 66Β°F this afternoon! [Taken at work.]


365 πŸ“±: #myyearofmornings Apr 13 – When you wake up and it’s warm enough to open a window. I think it’s a vintage sheet shirt and honeysuckle kind of day. #myyearofmornings2018 Apr 13

Instagram πŸ“±: – Editing the week’s photos and I am really enjoying the vibe in here, between the candle, the fairy lights, and the gentle breeze.

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me onΒ InstagramΒ β™₯

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2 thoughts on “TWiP: Desks

  1. Happy spring!! On the way surely!!

    1. It really doesn’t look like it yet, but it definitely feels lovely today, so I’ll take it! 😁

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