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Spring Saturn Sweater

Posted March 25th, 2013 by

20 sweater 01

The minute I finished Aidan’s blanket, I started this sweater for me. There are a lot of “firsts” for me in this sweater. For instance:

  • the first sweater I ever crocheted
  • the first sweater I’ve made in a cotton/seaweed blend
  • the first multi-colored sweater I’ve made myself

So, it’s been satisfying in terms of new experiences.

One of my favorite things about this was the speed at which one can crank out a crocheted sweater versus a knitted one. My knit sweaters usually take me about a month to complete. This one was nearly done after a week and a half!

14 sweater

One of my least favorite things about this was the fact that it was wearable before it was completely finished. I know that sounds like a positive, but apparently I need the reward of getting to wear a thing in order to entice me to finish it. I was able to wear this after the button bands were complete, but before the striping on the yoke and the sleeves was done. And boy, did I drag my heels on that striping!

In fact, I finally just gave up on it. The stripes are just duplicate stitching on top of the completed sweater. I managed to get through the yoke, and the sleeves (finally) before I decided that I liked it just as it was. There’s supposed to be some extra colorful stitching around the collar, the bottom edge, and the cuffs, but I am not feeling the need. Nor the inclination.

So, I’ve declared it finished! And while I don’t love it with the burning torch I carry for my tweedy Tea Leaves, I do like it. And I will wear it. Which is more than I can say for some of my other projects…

20 sweater 02

By the way, it does close in the front, I just like it better open.

Would I make this again? Possibly. I might like to try it in a wool blend, maybe something with a fuzzy halo to help obscure the stitching – I really prefer the look of a knit fabric over a crocheted fabric, unless we’re talking about open, lacey patterns. I love those in crochet. But solid fabrics like this? Not so much of a fan.

I could totally see this pattern, though, with a strand of kidsilk haze running through it, and maybe skip the striping on the yoke and sleeves, but do the edging colors that I didn’t do with the spring sweater? yeah, that sounds nice.

Remind me to try that next winter :-)

20 sweater 03

The details

Pattern: Saturn Sweater by Linda Permann

Yarn: Fibranatura Sea Song

Hooks: I for the body, J for the embellishments

Modifications: Eliminated the edging on the collar, bottom edge, and cuffs.

Regrets: That I didn’t use a nice blue in place of the dark green. That would have been more spring-like.

My project on Ravelry is here.

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