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Spring Saturn Sweater

20 sweater 01

The minute I finished Aidan’s blanket, I started this sweater for me. There are a lot of “firsts” for me in this sweater. For instance:

  • the first sweater I ever crocheted
  • the first sweater I’ve made in a cotton/seaweed blend
  • the first multi-colored sweater I’ve made myself

So, it’s been satisfying in terms of new experiences.

One of my favorite things about this was the speed at which one can crank out a crocheted sweater versus a knitted one. My knit sweaters usually take me about a month to complete. This one was nearly done after a week and a half!

14 sweater

One of my least favorite things about this was the fact that it was wearable before it was completely finished. I know that sounds like a positive, but apparently I need the reward of getting to wear a thing in order to entice me to finish it. I was able to wear this after the button bands were complete, but before the striping on the yoke and the sleeves was done. And boy, did I drag my heels on that striping!

In fact, I finally just gave up on it. The stripes are just duplicate stitching on top of the completed sweater. I managed to get through the yoke, and the sleeves (finally) before I decided that I liked it just as it was. There’s supposed to be some extra colorful stitching around the collar, the bottom edge, and the cuffs, but I am not feeling the need. Nor the inclination.

So, I’ve declared it finished! And while I don’t love it with the burning torch I carry for my tweedy Tea Leaves, I do like it. And I will wear it. Which is more than I can say for some of my other projects…

20 sweater 02

By the way, it does close in the front, I just like it better open.

Would I make this again? Possibly. I might like to try it in a wool blend, maybe something with a fuzzy halo to help obscure the stitching – I really prefer the look of a knit fabric over a crocheted fabric, unless we’re talking about open, lacey patterns. I love those in crochet. But solid fabrics like this? Not so much of a fan.

I could totally see this pattern, though, with a strand of kidsilk haze running through it, and maybe skip the striping on the yoke and sleeves, but do the edging colors that I didn’t do with the spring sweater? yeah, that sounds nice.

Remind me to try that next winter 🙂

20 sweater 03

The details

Pattern: Saturn Sweater by Linda Permann

Yarn: Fibranatura Sea Song

Hooks: I for the body, J for the embellishments

Modifications: Eliminated the edging on the collar, bottom edge, and cuffs.

Regrets: That I didn’t use a nice blue in place of the dark green. That would have been more spring-like.

My project on Ravelry is here.


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “Spring Saturn Sweater

  1. Oh how cute that is, adorable!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring too!

  3. Oh my gosh, I really love this sweater. The striping really makes it so I’m glad you did it.

  4. You did a beautiful job on it, but I agree, I much prefer the knitted fabric over crocheted. I have a crocheted lace sweater pattern from Linda Permann that I want to try, you inspire me to find the right yarn for it.

  5. I have this pattern on my to-do list. I love that you used a cotton and seaweed blend. I’m considering a bamboo blend of some kind, or linen. And a washable wool blend in darker colors for winter as well.

    1. It’s not my usual color, this butter yellow, but it was a steal from Craftsy, and I really was curious about the seaweed. It’s quite soft!

  6. Lisa, I love how it came out and the green is just fine for spring too. Also the red polka dot socks look great with it too:)

    1. Hee hee, I was wondering if anyone would notice my socks! 🙂

  7. I have been looking for an adult sweater to try and you have come to my rescue!! Am going to download the pattern when I get to work and order the yarn. This will be a first for me. As a beginner was it easy to follow?? Were there any corrections after the pattern that I need to know about??

    Have a JOYful day!!!

    1. I did have difficulty in some spots. In particular, it was tricky making sure that I didn’t accidentally add/subtract any stitches at the ends of the rows. I ended up using a series of stitch markers to keep myself honest. I’d put a marker in the first stitch of each row, so that I’d know that was where the last stitch would be on my way back. It helped tremendously.

      Linda keeps the Ravelry page up to date with errata. You can find that here.

      Have fun!

  8. So pretty!! And I love that granny hexagon blanket too!

    1. Thanks! That blanket is getting a whole lot of use around here. It’s making me want my own… (that one was for my son)

  9. On my monitor this doesn’t look like butter yellow but more creamy, off white. Either way, I really like it and, as you know, like you I’m not as fond of crocheted sweaters as of knit ones. But this is great exception to that. This is really really cute! Love it! What’s next?

    1. Thanks!It’s definitely yellow, which is not really one of my colors, but I like it just the same. Next? I’ve been trying to resist the lure of making another blanket. It’s such a commitment. But I seem to be losing the battle. I’ve been making flower blocks all week…

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