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I was kept awake all night by howling wind and rain pelting my windows.

Oh, the yard looks calm now, but trust me. It’s wiiiiindyyyyyyyyy.

Sure, most of the trees that have potential to damage the house (or us) fell victim to previous storms (one, two, three) or just randomly fell on their own (four, five).

But still wind makes me nervous. Hate it.

I think I have developed a phobia.

It’s morning now, and the wind is still howling. The weather report, in fact, indicates that today will be windier than last night.

Oh, joy. Can I come hang out at your house today?

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11 thoughts on “Windy.

    • Oh, brrrrr!
      It’s actually pretty warm here (which is part of what’s causing the nasty weather – the collision of warm and cold).

      I actually am not hearing as many gusts right now. Either I’m doing a good job of distracting myself, or the winds are dying down. Either way, I’ll take it!

      Stay warm and safe!

  1. We had high winds down here in south Jersey too. I woke up (for the last time – like you I woke up many times in the middle of the night) to discover the power had gone out and all the appliances needed their clocks reset. My girlfriend who lives less than 5 miles away didn’t have power all morning – cold showers in her household before work!

    It’s been quite the year for weather in this state.

    • I was half expecting a loss of power (and a 5am phone call that school would be closed) but I got neither one.

      I take it you have your power back and the wind has died down where you are? Glad to hear that. It gives me hope that this will pass before long. I spoke too soon in my previous comment. Definitely still windy here.

      Think I’ll go do some laundry and take my mind off of what’s going on outside 🙂

      • It’s still fairly windy, but according to the weather report it should die down tonight and start snowing in the morning (3AM). Just a few flurries and then temps in the upper 30s so it shouldn’t stick. [knocks on wood]

  2. It’s really windy here in the UK too. I hate the wind, it gives me awful headaches if I don’t go out without a hat on. Hope the windy weather disappears soon. Carole x

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