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Rhinebeck and Down Cellar

Posted October 20th, 2012 by


Somehow I found myself throwing a change of clothes in a bag and flying down the highway at 10pm tonight. I was all set to enjoy a typical Friday night: I’d probably brew a warm beverage, put on a British mystery, and knit a few more inches on my Milady vest. But somehow, somehow, I found myself speaking the words, “wouldn’t it be cool to add an extra day to our tip and leave right now?” I was half kidding, but I had made the fatal mistake of half-kidding within earshot of my traveling companion, and well, he did think it would be cool.

So, here we are, Aidan and me, in a hotel in Fishkill, NY, which (it turns out) is further away from the Duchess County Fairgrounds than a glance at a google map might have you believe. We’re headed to Rhinebeck in the morning for the Sheep and Wool festival. It’s actually not a bad thing that our drive will be 45 minutes long. I was feeling kind of gypped in the leaf-peeping department, given that we’d stolen up here in the dark at 10pm, instead of in the glorious sunshine 10 hours later, as originally planned. All we could see was black sky and highway. I will welcome the extra time to take in the scenery before the festival.

I’ve never been to a sheep and wool festival when it wasn’t ninety degrees, so this will be a great change of pace :-)

If you are at Rhinebeck on Saturday, and you see me there (I’ll be wearing my green Tweedy Tea Leaves – temperature permitting – and carrying a Polka Dot Cottage shopping bag) feel free to stop me and say hello!

By the way, those hooks in the image above? I just dropped them off today at Down Cellar, my LYS.  Local peeps, you are cordially invited to go see them in person. You’ll be glad you did – there are so many tempting goodies in that shop!

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