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Autumn in New York

My heart was in the right place. What place is that you ask? Why, the place that would have resulted in the second installment of the Yarny Buttons Saga Tutorial being posted here for you on Monday, of course.

It seems, though, that my heart was not on the same page as the rest of me. The rest of me spent Saturday having a blast with my son at Rhinebeck (which is where these photos are from).

Sunday, Aidan and I took the long way home, bypassing the Thruway for the scenic back roads wherever possible. Once we got back home, I was more in the mood to wander aimlessly around Ravelry, looking for the perfect use for my new yarn than I was to sit and write a tutorial.

And now look. It’s already Wednesday, and no tutorial. Who knew mid-October could be so busy-making?  I hope you’re not terribly impatient to learn how to make Heathered Yarny Buttons. It may be a few more days.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos. And my map:

View Rhinebeck in a larger map

I’ve gotten into the habit of making a Google Map for every place that we visit. Before we leave, I add shops and eateries that I want to check out, and after we return home, I edit the map to reflect what we actually did. I find it a handy guide for the next time we travel in that direction.

We didn’t see too, too much in New York this past weekend, aside from some gorgeous foliage and an abundance of yarn, but we did stop in some places around town that I want to remember in case we go back in the future. Feel free to have a virtual look around. Maybe there is a must-see shop you think I should add for next time? Leave a comment!

And one last thing: If you are ever in a position to buy a big bag of maple cotton candy, do it. In fact, buy two. I wish I had bought two. (In fact, I wish I could just live at Mapleland Farms and indulge in mapley goodness whenever the urge struck. Which would be often. And I would be really, really fat.) Anyway, maple cotton candy is delicious. And it has the added bonus of looking like you are chowing down on a bag of wool – a fact that gave Aidan and I plenty of amusement.

So, anyway, yes. Wednesday. I have to go make some hooks now. And wait for a tow truck. But that’s a story for another post.


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Autumn in New York


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