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September Project

Posted September 29th, 2012 by

Well, it seems I am capable of learning.

Last September, when I was working on my first Tea Leaves Cardigan, I was living and breathing that sweater. I knit in the morning between school drop-offs, I knit at the dentist’s office, I knit while waiting for an oil change, I knit in the school pickup line, and I knit at night in front of the TV. So desperate was I to finish before the Sweater Weather gave way to Heavy Coat Weather, that I sacrificed all of my leisure time to that cardigan.

And do you know what happened?

I finished it before the end of September. And I was so excited. And I had plenty of time to wear it. Like months of time. Like so much time that people started to notice how much I was wearing it. Like, “gee, that sweater looks familiar” amounts of time.

I needn’t have rushed. Because even if it gets cold right away in October (which it won’t), there’s still all winter and much of the spring, where a cardigan will be appreciated. So what if I need an overcoat? It’s not like I won’t take the coat off when I get where I am going.

So here it is, September again, and I’ve once again given in to the Tea Leaves Cardigan itch. Only this time, I’m obsessing slightly less. I do grab the knitting bag to take with me for school pickup, but it’s not the only way I am spending my free moments.

See? I am capable of learning :-)

There’s one other thing I am doing differently this time: customization. That’s last year’s sweater on the left, and the in-progress sweater on the right.

Who would have thought, three years ago, when I was still hesitant about knitting with needles at all, that I would not only be doing it, but I’d be making my 6th sweater? And changing the pattern on the fly? Not me.

The jury is still out on whether this change will be a good thing, but I am hopeful. I’ll go into details when I have a finished sweater to show you, but essentially, I am replacing the garter stitch edges on the bottom and on the sleeves with a 2×2 rib. My goal is to make the sleeves less bell-like, so they don’t get in the way when I’m trying to cook, work with clay, or anything else that requires my hands. Wish me luck!

I have both sleeves and the button band left to do, and then I’m done.

No rush, though. I’ve got plenty of time to wear it :-)

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