They’re done…

Prettied up and ready to pack

…and I need a nap.

I finished them last night, but today I needed to pack them up all pretty and safe, and get them on their way.  Stopping, of course, to take a picture or two now and then.  I don’t like to send custom work out without snapping a photo of it first – always nice to have a record!

The 2009 Custom Family Portraits

It took me so long to get these packed up today, that I made the postal pickup by the skin of my teeth.  I had no idea it was going suck up so much of my day!  When tasks take me significantly longer than the time I’ve budgeted for, it usually makes me a little bit cranky.  Today, I’m not cranky – I’m just relieved to see the whole 2009 Custom Ornament Experience checked off of my list.  It feels good to be done.

I’m about ready to take the rest of the week off (what? it’s only Monday?) but I’ve got a pile of knitting to do before Friday.  And I’ve been hearing mumblings about some big holiday coming up in a few weeks, that maybe I might want to get ready for?  Hmm.

How about you?  Running yourself ragged much these days?

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