The smell of brownies

Birthday brownies in progress

Aidan turns eight tomorrow and his celebratory food of choice is brownies. The house smells wonderful right now.

If I had my way, I’d spend this evening responding to all of your thought-provoking comments on my post about art, reading some of the other Synergy commentary popping up in blogs today, and slurping brownie batter from the bowl.

Birthday brownies in progress

One out of three ain’t bad, I guess Big Grin

I feel like two different people today – there’s the me that is riding the high of yesterday’s newspaper appearance and this morning’s pleasant surprise of seeing my buttons and my necklace on Polymer Clay Daily. And then there’s the me that is feeling bad for the orders that have suffered in the last week of congestion and convention, and has spent some time today getting a not-entirely-undeserved verbal beating from a few unhappy customers.

So tonight I will work on getting my groove back business-wise, and I’ll be back to address those tempting comments later this week. Keep ’em coming, and thanks for visiting! Have I told you lately how much I enjoy that you all take the time to make my blog a part of your day? Well I do. Thanks, and have a good night!

2 thoughts on “The smell of brownies

    • Oh, wouldn’t that be great to be able to send baked goods virtually? Even better if they were calorie-free that way 🙂

      Thanks for tagging me. I’m not sure if I can get to it this week, but I’ll see!

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