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The camera adds ten pounds

In the news

I am aware of the idea that the camera adds ten pounds. I just never realized that it added all ten of them to the face – ack! It is so neat to be on the cover of the little magazine (and the front of the newspaper, and on the magazine’s index page, and on the page of the article) but it sure would have been nice not to look so, uh, puffy. Oh well icon_biggrin-flickr-7-3

In the news

So here’s the article. It’s pretty short and to the point. [If you want a more detailed “how I got started down the path of complete polymer clay addiction” you can read what I wrote for my website a while back.] I’m glad I took Penny’s advice and brought a watch with me – I think it looks good on the page. They also used two of my buttons and two of my canes. If you click on the photo, you can see notes on it.

They say there’s a circulation of 80,000 people between the newspaper and the website. Of those 80,000, maybe 100 or so people will open up the magazine and 5 of them will visit my website icon_wink-flickr-4-6.  If you’re one of those five… hi there!

Posted on 28 Comments

28 thoughts on “The camera adds ten pounds

  1. I wish I knew it was today’s paper, I would have gotten one! I just was out, but they were all sold out. Maybe if you have some spare time (ha) you can scan it in for me. YEAY YOU! Very cool.

    1. Thanks! Neil picked up two copies for us and I just gave one to my mom last night. I’ll have to photocopy or scan the article, although the text of it is available on their website. It’s weird that they didn’t put the images online. It’s not like they have space constraints on a website, like they do in print!

  2. Way to go~~ I think you look great. We are always our own worst critics just enjoy. Your little one thinks you are super:)

    1. Thanks! And true – I know I’m my worst critic!

  3. wooo hoooo Mazel Tov for the cover and the newspaper and and and. The article rocks!

    1. Thanks! Eamonn liked seeing himself on the front page.

  4. Coolio! Oh so fun!!!

    And hun?? You look fine!!

  5. Oh, they smooshed that photo to fit. Too bad newspapers don’t hire people who can do glamour retouching with photoshop, eh? Check this one, for example:

    But heck, you’re faaaaamous now!

    1. LOL, yeah! And even if they couldn’t do glamour touchups, they could at least refrain from smooshing photos in that particular direction. I would be complaining if they’d elongated my face 😉

      Famous? That would imply somebody actually reads that paper. So far I haven’t run into anyone I know who saw it. Oh well – still very cool!

  6. Yeah, the pose is weird and it’s not too flattering — but you look like you’re having fun, no spinach in your teeth, gorgeous skin and hair–and now when people meet you in person, WITHOUT words plastered across your lower half, they’ll say “Oh! Wow, you look so much cuter in person!”

    Glad the watch was a good thing to bring–it does look cool on the page, and it shows off how your various beads work together.

    1. Heh, yeah, there’s always that.

      Definitely happy I made that 11th-hour watch.

  7. Fabulous about the article. I know what you mean about photos adding 10 pounds! I always claim mine add at least 30 or 40! I agree with Penny – I don’t think the pose helped too much. But you are so cute! And you got some great exposure with the article!!! Woohoo!

    See what Lisa has been blogging about: Teddies Spring Show

    1. Aw, thanks! I really should have just emailed them my favorite profile picture and been done with it, LOL! But then, the little guy wouldn’t have gotten a chance to be in it, and I think he really liked being on the cover.

  8. Congrats Mrs. Polka Dot! And yes, the camera has added pounds- I can truly attest. But you still look darn cute!

    1. Thanks, Martha! I’m glad to hear you attest to that – I was afraid maybe I really was that puffy and didn’t realize it 😉

  9. Having just met you I can say you are much cuter in person, just like Penny said! But, isn’t everyone? You look fine. I hate pictures of myself and avoid them as much as possible.

    Congratulations on the article.

    1. Thanks, Beth, that’s nice to hear! I like pictures of myself, as long as I am the one taking them and I can re-shoot several dozen times until all of my requirements are met 😉

  10. how very cool! I still think you guys look so cute – and congrats on the article :O)

    1. Thanks, Jen! It was fun. The people at the newspaper office were definitely enamored with Eamonn. They didn’t even bother taking a picture of me by myself, LOL!

  11. hi lisa.

    to quote the show “Friends”… after Chandler’s just mocked Monica for being fat in an old home movie.

    Courteney Cox (Monica): “… the camera adds about 10 pounds …”
    Matthew Perry (Chandler): “… how many cameras are on you?”

    just kiddin’. ya look great. congrats on being famous!


    1. Ha ha. Ya think yer funny, dontcha? 🙂

      Thanks, and we need to get together soon! Aidan was asking about seeing Connor.

  12. I think you look GREAT! Congratulations, that is SO exciting!

    1. Thanks! It was pretty exciting 🙂

  13. Lisa, Congratulations!!! It’s wonderful to see you get that sort of recognition. And you’re so right about the camera thing, I always end up with 10 to 12 chins in every shot I’m in. The twenty extra pounds I’m carrying seems to translate to 60 on film. You still look lovely and MUCH slimmer in person! It was a pleasure to meet you at Synergy! I’m so very happy for you!

    See what Kim Cavender has been blogging about: I’m off to get SYNERGIZED!

    1. Thanks, Kim! And I can relate to the extra chins problem, LOL!

  14. Congratulations Lisa! How exciting and very cool.


    1. Thanks, Amy! It was nice to meet you this past weekend. I really like your work.

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