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TWiP: Deep Fall

This Week in Pictures (TWiP) at Polka Dot Cottage

I feel like I’m really falling down on my blogging job lately. This is the third week in a row where the only thing I’ve had time to post is the weekly TWiP roundup.

It makes me thankful that I have this TWiP thing going on, otherwise, who knows how long I would go between posts? I probably have one more week of being up to my eyeballs in things-I-must-do, and then I should be able to carve out some more time for things-I-like-to-do.

On a completely different note, it’s been feeling very autumnal around here lately. Today I find myself craving some hot apple cider. I may have to buy a jug of it, and let it simmer in the crock pot with some harvest spice herbal tea bags… Mmmmmmm!

I tell you, if my house was company-ready right now, I’d throw a spontaneous fall party with bubbling slow-cooker apple cider, pumpkin muffins, and apple crisp!

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the photos I shot for Project 365 (one image each day for all of 2016), plus some snapshots I posted on Instagram during the previous week.

πŸ“· = taken with my Canon DSLR
πŸ“± = taken with my Samsung phone

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


365 πŸ“·: 2016 296/366 – I love rainy fall days. The colors are so vibrant.

Instagram πŸ“±: I’m working on a companion pattern to the Vertical Hold Wrap. (Can you guess what it will be called? πŸ˜‰) I already ripped back one prototype. My second try is making me much happier. Time to find a movie, plug myself in, and make a ton of progress! #pdc


365 πŸ“·: 2016 297/366 – My brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law during our photo shoot today β™₯ [Taken at New Jersey Botanical Garden.]

Instagram πŸ“±: Taking pictures with my brother, soon-to-be sister-in-law and my sister πŸ˜ŠπŸπŸ‚β€ [Taken at New Jersey Botanical Garden.]


Instagram πŸ“±: How about we make #meetthepatterns a regular Monday thing? 😊 This one is called Blue Jubilee. It’s one of my favorites, because the jewelry I make from it goes so nicely with jeans πŸ’™. BTW, I have a tutorial available in my downloads shop, if you’re a polymer clay enthusiast who would like to learn how to make a Jubilee cane (in any color)! #pdc

365 πŸ“±: 2016 298/366 – Sometimes you just need to run to the food store after dinner and replenish your chocolate supply before you do anything else. (My particular poison is the Kings Sea Salt and Almond bar. Mmmm.) [Taken at Kings.]


Instagram πŸ“±: ❀: πŸπŸ‚πŸƒβ˜

365 πŸ“·: 2016 299/366 – Today’s business included photographing and carding some new items for the shop, including earrings and touch screen styli (styluses? I should google that…)


Instagram πŸ“±: Heart pins and badge reels new in the #pdc shop today 😊

365 πŸ“±: 2016 300/366 – Hanging out with my favorite goddaughter this afternoon β™₯ [Taken at my SIL’s house.]


365 πŸ“·: 2016 301/366 – Chilly, rainy, overcast… Fall does "moody" so well.


365 πŸ“·: 2016 302/366 – My to-do list has been very long again, today, but one of the things on it involved playing with these (my polymer clay millefiori cane collection), so it wasn’t all bad.

Instagram πŸ“±: I haven’t shown you my #knitting lately. I’m having trouble focusing on any one thing, so it’s all going rather slowly. I’m plugging away on my Christmas #pdcportholepullover (bottom left) and working on a new shawl design (top) that was going to be a companion to my #pdcverticalhold wrap, but I’m underwhelmed by how it looks so far. I’m probably going to frog it and try something completely different. I’ve also been swatching for a new sweater design (bottom right). I’m playing around with slip stitch colorwork, and while I like these colorful bands, I think I can give them some more visual interest than this. #pdc

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on FlickrΒ and/or Instagram.

I may already have plans to blog about some of these things in greater detail over the coming week, but be sure to leave a comment if there’s something in particular you want to know about!

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4 thoughts on “TWiP: Deep Fall

  1. Wow ..i miss fall in NJ we do not have that in florida its hot then feb is cold for a few weeks. You brother and you look alike, he looks like hes a lot of fun. Congratulations to them.
    You knit so fast are you an english or continental knitter.

    1. I would miss fall if I were in FL, too. I remember visiting there as a teenager. I enjoyed it, but I already knew that I could never live there – Fall is my favorite!
      I don’t know if you saw my Instagram post this week, but I am (I think) a continental knitter. It’s whichever one has the yarn in the left hand πŸ™‚ I am pretty fast with pullovers because there are very few purls. Cardigans take me a lot longer because purling slows me way down!

  2. Oh, my gosh! your pictures are so pretty!! Love all of them, but especially the first one πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I took that one in front of my house. I had gone to get the mail (my mailbox is across the street) and I thought the street was so pretty in the rain, that I went back inside for my camera πŸ™‚

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