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What I made this month, crochet edition

You know, sometimes I get so into my current creative thing that all of my other creative things take a back seat. And I’m not talking about a regular back seat, I’m talking about the way back. The back back of the station wagon.

station wagon

So, I’ve been all about the polymer clay here lately, and that’s cool – anyone who’s been sticking around here with me for any length of time knows that my interests come in waves like this. The difference is that a polymer clay wave, because it is so closely tied to the products I sell, also tends to usher in a self-promotion wave.

I know that in order to have any modicum of success, I need to get the word out, but I really don’t like to do it. And when I go back and see how many of my recent posts were in that vein, well, it makes me want to talk about something else completely for a while.

Add to this a feeling of being too lazy to take pictures today, and that leaves me with blog topics where the photos are already taken.

As it happens I have something that will do 🙂

01 table toppers 01

Remember the table toppers I made for the family room back in 2012 when I reviewed Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight? (Of course you do. I am sure your memory of my blog posts is as encyclopedic as my own, oh loyal reader. That is why I love you so.)

17 coasters

And do you remember later when I crocheted some square coasters to coordinate with the rug in my living room? (Of course you do. See above.)

2016 37/366

Well, the squares recently went missing. I think they’re in the attic along with the other stuff I moved when I decorated for Christmas, but I haven’t actually checked. Instead, I thought it far more enjoyable to spend an evening crocheting up some new ones. Erika Knight-style.

And so I did.


I cranked out four of them in one night before I lost interest. They are all made from cheap craft store cotton that I had in my stash. They’re different sizes because I used progressively smaller hooks each time.

I really love the brown ones, which is surprising, because brown.

2016 38/366


I’m keeping both of them on the little table next to my favorite chair in the living room. I have my breakfast (and often a coffee break, too) in that chair every morning, so it’s nice to have a cushy place for my mug.

The chartreuse flower and the red wagon wheel are down in the family room along with another red flower I couldn’t resist crocheting the following day, and all of the table toppers from a few years ago.

Periodically these things go missing (especially when toddlers visit – they love to play with them), and so there can never be too many of them down there as far as I am concerned.

In fact, I feel like we need a few more colors… Good thing they are such instant-gratification stash-busters!

I feel better now: a crochet show-and-tell with nary a whiff of self-promotion. Just what the doctor ordered 😀


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “What I made this month, crochet edition

  1. I really like the coasters. Homey looking on your tables.

    1. Thanks, Chloe 🙂 I would put them everywhere, if I didn’t think it might be overkill!

  2. Your clay work is insanely gorgeous and of course makes me want to dive right into my clay box! Of course I will not, I refuse to get into anything else right now as I am focusing on my knitting. I have never had much success with clay so I will just admire yours 🙂 Love the idea of the coasters matching the rug.

    1. Aw, thanks, Linda, I really appreciate the complement 🙂
      I can definitely relate to being pulled in several artsy directions, but I think you must have more self-discipline than I!

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