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Dad’s Vest

My dad is a real sweater vest kind of guy, and I’ve been wanting to knit him one for so long. I finally pulled the trigger on that idea a few months ago, and finished it up in time for Christmas.

I love knitting vests because there are none of those pesky sleeves to worry about. Once you finish the body, you’re done. Nice.

This particular pattern was super simple, but involved enough little details to keep it interesting for me. All of the edgings were a garter rib, which I’ve never knit before, and the cable design down the front broke up all of that stockinette very nicely.

November 07, 2015 at 0345PM_ed

I worked on this a lot in the lounge of the super comfortable Hampton Inn while we were in Saratoga last November, and then I dragged my heels on finishing up the neck and armholes until a week before Christmas.

That’s typical Lisa Clarke style, right there.

One of the nerve-wracking things about knitting for other people is the possibility that your finished piece won’t fit the recipient. I lucked out in this case. I saw my Dad on New Year’s Day, he was wearing the vest, and it fit beautifully. Whew.

Achievement Unlocked: Knit a Dad Vest.

While I was with him, you’d think I might have said, “hey Dad, can I take your picture in your new vest so I can show it to my blog friends?” But nope. Didn’t even cross my mind.

Instead, I give you this:

20160101_191509Yeah, I know. Dad and I took a selfie. We were both wearing those paper crowns you find in Christmas crackers, and I had a plastic moustache clipped on to my nose, and it was a terrible picture that did neither one of us any favors. In fact, I had deleted it, but I rescued a copy from my automatic backup and cropped it so you could at least see part of the vest.

I did take some nice vest-on-the-floor photos, at least 🙂

Vest for my Dad

Vest for my Dad

Vest for my Dad

Pattern: Matthew’s Vest from Green Gables Knits by Joanna Johnson

Get all of the pattern, needle and yarn details on Ravelry.


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Dad’s Vest

  1. oooh is it poss to crochet too

    1. There’s no crochet pattern for it, and the stitching would look different, but you might be able to improvise something similar, if you knew how to do that.

  2. I really like “Dad’s Vest” pattern and thought I’d make it for my hubby, only when I tried finding it on Ravelry, the link wouldn’t work. Would you mind checking it our for me, or else send me a working link for the pattern? I’d really appreciate it!! Thanks so much for all your neat and interesting items!

    1. Oops! My bad 😉 Here is the correct link:

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