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Fancy doo-dads for the sewing / quilting crowd

Many of you already know that I take plain crochet hooks and add snazzy polymer clay handles to them (and if you don’t know that, you can see what I mean here).

Every since I started doing this, I’ve been on the lookout for tools I could supply to the knitters out there. So far, no luck in that department, but yesterday I came across something that would make a lovely gift for those who sew: seam rippers!

seamripper_mockup1 seamripper_mockup2

I was just saying to myself a few days ago that I could use a nicer seam ripper than the cheap, dull one I am using, and then lo and behold, a catalog lands in my lap and it features seam ripper “blanks” that I can decorate to my heart’s content. (Above are some mock-ups of what that might look like.)

The rippers themselves look to be of excellent quality, but I will (of course) make one for myself and test it out before offering them for sale.

My question is: does this sound like something you would buy? Either for yourself or for a gift? I would probably price them roughly the same as the crochet hooks (possibly a dollar or two more, depending on how many I would need to buy at once [the more I need, the less each blank costs]).

If there is enough interest, I could have custom ordering up and ready within a week or two, and get a nice batch put together in time for Christmas gift-giving.

What do you think?


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Fancy doo-dads for the sewing / quilting crowd

  1. I would totally put this on my Christmas wish list!

    1. Cool 🙂 I ordered a handful of blanks to play around with.

  2. If I were still sewing, I’d definitely buy one. I might even buy one anyway as a gift for a friend who sews.

    1. If the blanks I ordered get here soon, I’ll spend some time this weekend working up some samples.

  3. Great idea…quilters are always looking for new and different items to gift their quilter buddies.

    1. Good to hear! I’m not really tuned in to the quilting world.

  4. Lisa, I’ve purchased your crochet hooks in the past, and just love them. So, these seam rippers are a terrific idea. I have no doubt that you’ll have at least a dozen or two of different designs.

    1. Hi, Mary, I’m so glad you love the hooks 🙂 I’ll post an update when I’ve had some time to work up a few samples!

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