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TWiP: Such Fall.

This Week in Pictures (TWiP) at Polka Dot Cottage

Oh the Pretty Factor was super high around here this week! I found myself really appreciating all of those brilliantly-colored leaves. And pumpkin muffins. And knitting. I’m pretty sure Autumn was at it’s New Jersey peak this week. I’m not ready for it to be over yet… it’s hard to get excited about 5 months of gray and brown. I’m soaking in as much of this weather as I can while it’s still here.

This is another weekend at home. Yay! I’ve got a few sewing projects that I would like to tackle. I’m not sure that I will actually do it, though. Maybe I’ll just sip herbal tea and sit on the back porch in my bulky sweater all day, sighing contentedly. 🍁🍃🍂

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the photos I shot with my DSLR for Project 365 (one image each day for all of 2015), plus some phone snapshots I posted on Instagram during the previous week.

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…



365: 2015 297/365 – Chances are very good that today is the day I finally finish this sucker. I just need to attach the sleeves, knit the collar, and weave in a bunch of ends. I think this calls for some Netflix.


365: 2015 298/365 – It’s been a long time since I spent a Sunday afternoon enjoying the scent of something freshly-baked. Those pumpkin maple muffins were a good choice 🙂


365: 2015 299/365 – Neil’s sweater is finished enough for him to wear it, although I would like to block it a little bit before I take its official portrait. And, since this is not that official portrait, Neil is being a stinker about being in front of the camera. Unfortunately my DSLR does not have a stealth mode 😉


365: 2015 300/365 – I took a walk around the neighborhood with my camera this afternoon. I had a plan for a specific scene I wanted to capture, but it just didn’t come out as nice as these roadside leaves did.


365: 2015 301/365 – I don’t know what it is about Fall scenery (especially raindy day Fall scenery), but I always find myself having to resist the urge to process my photos with a “faded old snapshot” look. Today I just went with it. This is the view from my dining room window.


365: 2015 302/365 – We have new neighbors. One of these days I will force my introverted self over there to say hello. They took down half a dozen trees in their yard this week, including a lovely magnolia that I looked forward to seeing bloom each spring. I suppose the moral here is that I really should plant my own pink tree instead of relying on the rest of the neighborhood 😉


365: 2015 303/365 – I sewed a table runner for my new table last night, and then bought a big bowl to stick in the middle of it.

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr and/or Instagram.

I may already have plans to blog about some of these things in greater detail over the coming week, but be sure to leave a comment if there’s something in particular you want to know about!

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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “TWiP: Such Fall.

  1. Love your husband’s sweater! Great pics.

    1. Thanks! He seems to like it, too – he’s been wearing it a lot!

  2. Love the sweater!! Those pumpkin muffins look good too 🙂
    How sad about that magnolia though!!

    1. Ugh, yeah. I really do have to plant some of my own trees one of these days, but I am not good at that kind of thing at all. I want someone else to take care of all of the landscaping around here, all of the time, forever 🙂

  3. Love the sweater! Haha…I can relate to not wanting a picture taken! 🙂

    1. He has a history of being a stinker in that regard 🙂

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