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Chevron Cowl

The Chevron Cowl, loom-knitting pattern at Polka Dot Cottage

There have kinda been crickets here this week, haven’t there? Sorry about that. I have been preoccupied with getting this pattern finished, and (let’s be honest here) getting sucked into social media that I never intended to get sucked into. (I’m trying to do a little research into something, but it keeps leading me down very interesting rabbit holes and before I know it, whoooooosh! There goes the morning.)

But anyway, I am here today to tell you about something I did manage to finish. (Yay!)

Chevron Cowl
Chevron Cowl
Chevron Cowl
Chevron Cowl
Chevron Cowl

Allow me to introduce the Chevron Cowl, so named because the stitches create a zig-zaggy chevron texture. I knit this cowl in just a few hours using bulky wool on a Martha Stewart knitting loom.

I was all set to buy some swanky, high-end fiber to use here, but inspiration struck on a Monday when all of the local yarn shops are closed. Rather than wait until Tuesday, I settled on the dreaded craft store yarn, and let me say I have been pleasantly surprised by the results of my purchase.

Oh, I know not everyone dreads the craft store yarn. And honestly, I don’t entirely dread it either. But I do think I look down my nose at it just a teeny bit. And I always like to use the Good Stuff for a loom pattern because it seems that so often loom-knit projects have kind of a cheap look to them. I want the loomed stuff to look as classy as their needle-knit cousins, you know?

Still, I must say right here for the record that Patons Classic Wool Bulky is pretty nice after you wet block it. I had my doubts taking it off of the loom, when it was all stiff and kinda crunchy-feeling, but blocking made it soft and drapey. It’s no Malabrigo Chunky, but it’s super nice for an inexpensive yarn. And being able to make this cowl for less than $8 is a pretty nice perk.

Chevron Cowl
Fast, cheap, pleasant to wear, and zig-zags! Have I sold you on this yet?

The Chevron Cowl ebook contains everything a complete loom-knitting newbie needs to know in order to make one. I show you how to cast-on, how to knit, how to purl, and how to bind-off. I share a bunch of other tidbits, too, like how to wet block and how to modify the pattern if you get a different gauge when you swatch.

If you already know how to do all of that stuff and just want the pattern, you can get that for somewhat less moolah than the tutorial eBook. Like so:

Want more details? Get ’em here.

This cowl is really awfully quick to make. I could see you whipping up a whole pile of them for holiday gift-giving purposes. I could even see a man wearing one. (Maybe none of the men I know, but certainly there are cowl-wearing men out there in the wild?)

Happy Loom-Knitting, my friends! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, and thanks as always for your support.


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Chevron Cowl

  1. I have already paid for the pattern for the Chevron Cowl but have not got the download.

    1. Hi, Barb. You should have received an email confirmation with a link to download. Please check that it hasn’t gone to spam. In the meantime, I will look up your order and re-send the confirmation. Please email me at if you don’t receive a message from me!

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