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Ask and ye shall receive

Everyday Pullover pattern, at Polka Dot Cottage

See, all you need to do is show a little bit of enthusiasm, and I’ll drop everything to tell you how I did it. Of course, it helps that we are snowed-in today, and generally-speaking, a foot of snow is like implicit permission to spend the day in your pjs doing whatever makes your heart happy.

Today, that took the form of writing up my Everyday Pullover pattern. I’m so glad I kept good notes and scribbled all over the cardigan pattern as I was working on my sample! It meant that I’d already done the work of writing the new pattern and today could be all about the fun stuff: making it look pretty!

I do enjoy making PDFs!

So here it is: the Everyday Pullover.

This particular pattern has not had the benefit of a dozen eyes testing it like the cardigan pattern had, so it is possible I’ve made a few mistakes. If you find something amiss, please let me know so that I can fix it!

Also, there will be no tutorial along with this pattern, but I know you can handle it 🙂


Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive

  1. I’m so glad you worked up this pattern in time for me to use during the KAL. After I saw yours, I knew I wanted to make it. I like it with the long sleeved shirt underneath while it’s still cool and think it will be nice alone for spring into summer and fall. Thanks.

  2. yeah! to the snow. and to your finished pattern. i will be making this too.

  3. Do you think this pattern could be converted to one for the 18″ All in one adjustable knitting loom made by the knitting board company?

    1. I’m not familiar enough with that loom to be able to answer that question very well.
      The sweater is knit as a tube, but the number of live stitches changes several times while working the yoke, and the increases are not limited to one or two areas (like with raglan sweaters). The increases happen every-other-stitch at one point. By the end of the yoke, you will need more than double the number of pegs you started with. While I believe that it might be technically possible to figure out how to do it, it would probably be a real headache, every time you had to re-arrange the stitches on the pegs in order to increase.

      I’m curious to see if it could be done, but I’m not really up for the challenge myself 🙂

      1. Thanks for your feedback : ) Maybe I will learn to knit with needles someday .

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