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RABWAB: June winner + call for July entries

RABWAB. That’s my new fun name for Review-a-Book, Win-a-Book. We’re going to do this every month, so I hope you’re gearing up for July and getting your review-writing fingers ready!

This month’s RABWAB winner had very little competition – that’s what happens when you start what is supposed to be a month-long contest in the last week of the month.

I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap, a vintage sheet upcycling project @lclarke522

Congratulations to Heather Ordover of CraftLit for her review of I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap! Rafflecopter randomly chose Heather’s review out of 3 entries. (We’ll have more than three next month, right? RIGHT??)


Heather mentioned the skirt project on the show notes page for the latest CraftLit podcast episode:

Lisa Clarke‘s I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap pattern is currently available for download for $2.99. Not only do you get a straight-forward pattern, Lisa includes mini-tutorials on how to measure and cut the correct amount, how to sew into a skirt shape, how to make an elastic casing, and more!

She went on to chat about the pattern on the podcast itself, and in such glowing terms, I was probably blushing in my kitchen as I listened to it!

(Have you ever listened to CraftLit? If you’ve thought about it, but have never done so, now is a great time to jump in, as she’s just started a brand new book. Check it out.)

Heather, thanks so much for sharing your kind thoughts, and for entering the giveaway! I have already emailed you to find out what ebook you’d like for your prize. Also, as part of your prize, I’ll be sharing your review on my various social media accounts over the course of this week.

I’d also like to thank the others who entered this month. I appreciate you spreading the word! I will probably link to you as well sometime this month.

Ok, everybody else, are you ready for July’s contest? You can read the official rules here, and enter via the widget below (or by clicking here).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “RABWAB: June winner + call for July entries

  1. Whoo hoo!!!!
    I won?!
    I need to go buy a lottery ticket PRONTO!

    I’m loving this Rafflecopter thingy–off to check it out and revel in my glory… and look through all your eBooks!

    Thank you thank you!

  2. […] P.P.S. if you buy this tutorial, I hope you’ll consider reviewing it and entering the contest! […]

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