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Summer Handmades

146/365 May 25

365 day 208 - Finally a morning unhumid enough to enjoy it outdoors

As of this afternoon, our summer vacation will have officially started.

I am going to be soooooo happy to sleep until 8am tomorrow. To not get up and make lunches? To not get out of my PJs until after I’ve lingered over my morning coffee for a few hours? Ah. Bliss.


We don’t have any strict plans for the next few months, but I want to be able to drop everything, shove the kids into the van, and go somewhere at a moment’s notice.

With that in mind, I’ve closed up my studio for the summer.

101/365: Apr 11 - Chair's eye view of my work table

More specifically what this means is that you won’t be able to order custom work from me until sometime in September or October.

I am keeping the Handmades Shop open! You are still welcome to purchase anything that is currently in stock. I may even replenish some of that stock if I feel the whim to do so. I just can’t be tied down to a custom work schedule for the next few months.

You understand, I’m sure 🙂


This might be a handy place to mention my new newsletters.

I’ve had a mailing list for some time, but I have been terrible – absolutely terrible – about writing up newsletters and sending them out on a regular basis. My average is about two newsletters per year – and I was aiming for twelve! Ugh.

But there’s good news. I discovered a way to send out an automatic monthly newsletter based on what I write on the blog. This is going to be a godsend, I tell you. After all, I do already write all of the important things here as they happen, so why reinvent the wheel? Why force myself to come up with something new and witty to say about a topic I’ve already blogged about at least once?

So, there are two new newsletters: one for the Download Shop, and one for the Handmades Shop. Once per month, subscribers will receive a digest of post excerpts, images, and links from the blog, all relating to the appropriate topic.

sigil 6212013 95812 PM.bmp

For instance, when the first Handmades Shop newsletter (aka “Handmade News”) goes out on July 15th, it will include a link to this post, where I am giving you details about how the shop will be handled in the summer months.

When the first Downloads Shop newsletter (aka “eBook News”) goes out on July 1st, it will include the announcement from two weeks ago regarding the new Fast and Cheap skirt tutorial.

And so on.

If you’re only an occasional reader here, and you are afraid you might miss a new eBook release, or the resuming of custom handmades,  the newsletter(s) would keep you in the loop. You can subscribe right here:

[wysija_form id=”4″]

(If you don’t see a subscribe widget above, you can Click here, and scroll down to “Monthly Newsletters” instead.)

By the way, if you were already subscribed to my old Vertical Response mailing list, I’ve automatically added you to these newsletters. When you receive the first issue, you will be free to edit your subscriptions and only get the topic you want.

Let me know if you have any trouble or any questions. Thanks!

Ok, that’s it for me and the boring old administrivia. Now, let the summer begin!!!

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Summer Handmades

  1. Have a great summer vacation! I can’t wait until we sell our house & I can finally start mine 😉

    1. Thanks, Kat. Quick Sale vibes headed your way!

  2. Hi there, happy summer. Great to see your blog. My favorite oart was your cute toes in the picture of your clay table. Widh my desk was that clean. Happy creating. Kim

    1. My desk, sadly, doesn’t look like that right now. It looks like a tornado whipped through my dining room… Thanks for dropping by!

  3. […] took the summer off from polymer, but I dusted off my work space early this week and got right back to it. A few days […]

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