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Hexagon blanket: why 18 at a time?

You’ve probably noticed that I am measuring my weekly goals in 18 hexes at a time. It’s not as arbitrary as it sounds. It’s based on the colors I’m using.

Remember way back at the beginning we talked about choosing yarn for your blanket? If you haven’t seen that post, go ahead and take a look. I’ll wait.


Ok, so now you know that I am using the 18 colors above, and that each hexagon has a light center, a medium stripe, and a dark edge. For each color family, there is one center, three mediums, and two darks to choose from. I know this is a little mathy, so just trust me when I tell you that for each color family there are six possible unique color combinations following those rules. And with three color families, that makes a total of eighteen unique color combinations possible.

Starred Photos17

Are you with me so far?

In order to make sure I use all of the colors as equally as possible, I make one batch of eighteen hexagons at a time, and each hexagon in the batch has a unique color combination. No two are alike.

I could take it one step further, and diagram where each specific hexagon should go on the blanket, further guaranteeing well-distributed variations in color, but I’ve decided that might be going just a bit too far. I seem to be doing just fine eyeballing it as I join each batch to the blanket.

I hope that makes sense. If your color choices are different than mine, or if you are using fewer (or more) colors, then your math will be different as well, and the number of hexagons you have to make at one time will vary. If you have a question about your particular case, just ask. I can help you figure it out.

Of course, there is something to be said for winging it completely and just making your color decisions as you go. Personally, I find that more difficult in practice, but it all boils down to your personality type, how mathy you are, and just how much control you need to have over the process.

13 blanket

This is my progress so far. (I actually met my goal early last week, which allowed me to take a detour and resurrect a sleeping knitting project over the weekend. I’ll tell you more about that in a day or two!). My current goal is to finish 18 more hexes, and then the end will be in sight! The following week looks like the week I’ll get to begin making half-hexagons. Woo hoo! I really love to see the end of a long-term project come into view.

How is your blanket coming along?


All of the instructions and step-by-step photos for the entire project are available in this handy PDF. Click the thumbnail below for more details 🙂



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Hexagon blanket: why 18 at a time?

  1. I love your color combos!!! I am just learning to crochet, this is probably way too advanced for my ability, but it is fun to watch and learn for sure! I do knit, but have always had a problem with crochet, I am left handed, but knit right handed.. I just cannot get comfortable with holding everything, LOL. Practice, practice and more practice.. I will get there!!

    1. No! I am sure it is not too advanced for you! Time-consuming, yes, but advanced, no.

      If you know how to make a chain stitch and a double-crochet stitch, then you already know all of the basics you need to know.

      You can definitely do this! Just start at the first tutorial that shows you how to make a single hexagon, and work at your own pace from there.

      And I am here if you have any questions 🙂

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