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Last night it snowed. Today it yarned.

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So the snow storm came last night, but didn’t treat us too badly here in our little corner of New Jersey. I’d say we didn’t get any more than 10 inches. And I didn’t hear much in the way of wind, either. Whew. You know how I feel about wind.

Still, even though we were not snowed-in this morning, I decided to pretend we were, and I spent the first several hours of the day in my PJs.

In other news, it appears I need an intervention.

Wait, what? Let me back up.

I’ve been inspired to clean up my yarn. I had four plastic tubs for it, but I outgrew those some time ago, and for a couple of years my yarn stash had been accumulating in cardboard boxes and paper bags in the basement. This arrangement has been less than ideal, in terms of being able to find what I’m looking for, or even remember what I had.

And it has probably cost me money, buying more of things I already owned but didn’t know I owned. Actually, I’d say this is almost definitely true.

It’s been a long time coming, this stash sorting of mine, but I was really in no hurry. Let’s face it, I am usually not in a hurry when it comes to decluttering, no matter how much I may appreciate the results later! I am just so lazy when it comes to these things.

Anyway, I was perfectly comfortable dragging my heels and digging through bags and boxes for whatever I needed, when I found them: mouse droppings in the bottom of one of the boxes.

Oh, ewwwww!

From that moment on, I could very much see the appeal of having every last ball of yarn in a sealed plastic container. As soon as I could get my hands on some affordable plastic tubs, I did so, and began the task of sorting yarn. Honestly, I wish I knew why I procrastinate this type of thing so much. Sorting is fun!

And the things you learn about yourself in the process? Crazy. I mean, I’ve always thought that I had my yarn buying under control. I rarely buy yarn without a plan in mind. And yet… here we are. If all of this yarn truly once had a plan, then I think perhaps I have a serious problem with follow-through.

Well, whatever my stash-related issues may be, as of this morning in my PJs, disorganization is no longer one of them.

Oh, I just loooooove the regimented beauty of labeled bins with appropriate stuff inside!

contented sigh

Popular opinion in this house, though, is that I need an intervention: my yarn stash is taller than I am!

09 yarn 03

Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I’m craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

But seriously. Keep me away from the yarn shop, k?


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Posted on 19 Comments

19 thoughts on “Last night it snowed. Today it yarned.

  1. hahahahah.. i’ve just started knitting n already have my stash out of control. short of space n outgrown my tubs, bags.. its all stashed in my cupboard, been planning to clean up soon.. i think this post of yours is motivational enough!!!

    1. If I can help a fellow yarn-addict come to terms with her affliction, then my work here is done. Go forth and organize! 😉

  2. oh, does that look familiar! And the kicker? I was looking at hat patterns a couple of hours ago & thinking about going out to buy some new yarn to make one. Fortunately, I thought better of that plan… for now. Going to shop my stash. I’m sure I have something appropriate in there!

    1. I think we may be cut from the same cloth 🙂

  3. oh my…..I think your stash may be a wee bit bigger then mine. One day I need to put my stash yarns on Ravelry, but then I am afraid it would show that I am a yarn hoarder.

    which I am not.

    no….really…..I am not


    ::::stuffing the packaging from the yarn that came in the mail today:::::::

    1. there is *no* way I would put my whole stash on Ravelry. Not going to own up to that!

    2. Heh. I am considering putting my stash on Ravely, but mainly because then I can trade some of it for new stuff. Which, I think may go a long way towards proving I have a problem. So, yeah. Maybe not.

  4. Thank-you for making me laugh! I do appreciate your honesty. How about turning your tower into exciting thoughts of ‘oooo what can I make with this?’ Many blankets? Ha!

    1. One of those bins has all of my blanket-making yarn in it, and I do definitely plan to use it for that. So, I don’t feel too badly about that bin. It’s the other bins with their small bits of mismatched stuff that is going to be a challenge to use up!

  5. Oh I can totally relate to your addiction!! I have a very small room, (share a home with my Mom and my “sister” {best friend and also a widow}) I have to keep my stash in here along with all my other craft supplies. I have purchased the wider 3 drawer plastic organizers (have 2 of them) they are crammed full, under my bed I have the fabric boxes that go in bookshelves they line the edges of my bed, they are crammed full, in my small closet I have 2 of the smaller width drawers stacked on top of each other and they are full, not going to even go into the smaller totes that line the shelf that are stacked 3 high. (sister doesn’t know that I have 2 big totes full of Red Heart yarn in the corner of Mom’s closet) but I purchased that yarn when I was first learning to knit, had a huge sale and I “stocked” up!! My stash will probably out live me, as it keeps growing with all the beautiful yarns that I discover at the LYS. What is a woman to do?? I just need to find time to knit more and stop looking at all the sales!!! (anyone believe that???)

    1. Oh, my, Marianne, I knew that there were people out there who had much more yarn than I do, but I don’t think I’ve ever met one of them until now, LOL! Good luck avoiding those sales. It’s not easiest thing in the world!

      P.S. I’ll tell you a secret – I just bought 3 more balls of yarn. There were on sale, and they will help me use up a pile of 10 balls in my stash, so I think it’s money well spent. As long as I actually do the project I have in mind! (I don’t always, which is why I have so many boxes of this stuff!!)

  6. As a fellow stasher, that does not look like a big stash at all! You need more!

    1. This makes me feel much, much better, LOL!

  7. I have been knitting and crocheting for most of my life. And never have I seen a stash like that. I love yarn but when I have leftovers I create what I call my fun hat or bags or even blankets. I end up with ready handmade gift for Christmas. It’s been a habit so I can always say I don’t like to waste beautiful yarn. I always look forward to new projects. What are you going to do with all that yarn. I am truly jealous.

    1. I have to admit, having that much yarn is a little embarassing! I feel a bit self-indulgent. A few of those bins, though, are actually works in progress. One whole one is filled up with the yarn and squares for a granny square blanket. Another is filled with miscellaneous projects I hope to finish sometime. The rest of them? Mostly leftover yarn from other projects, although there are quite a few full skeins of yarn I bought for projects that never happened.

      I am definitely going to make an effort to use up some of that stuff with my next endeavors!

  8. Oh boy! A lot of yarn, I feel so much better now, I thought I was bad, but I think my stash would reach my shoulders. Thanks for making my Sunday afternoon:)

    1. If you remove the two bins that have WIPs in them, the stash looks a little bit less ridiculous and somewhat more reasonable 😉

  9. I do feel a bit better, I sold 3 scarfs yesterday and I did not go to the LYS to replace the yarns I used!!! But tomorrow there is a craft show and I’ve heard there may be some locals that have their yarns for sale. I’m soooooooo in trouble. I do have 3 works in progress, hope to finish this weekend. I’m also taking a class to learn to crochet, as a lefty that has always been a challenge for me. If I could only figure out a way to hold the yarn comfortably. Of course this will call for even more yarns, hmmmm where did I put my bank card????? : )

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