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A few things

I made a bunch of hooks today, filled some long-awaited orders (thank you for your patience), and made a couple of extras for the shop (stay tuned). I still have to sand them and buff them, but they’ll be good to go for my Friday shipping day.

By the way, if you are thinking you’d like a custom-made crochet hook (or two, or three) I will only be taking custom orders until next week. Now’s the time to place an order!

I am working on the next chapters of the Yarny Buttons tutorial and hopefully will have something to share by the end of the week. (I know, it’s about time, right?)

You are all so sweet. Thank you for the support yesterday. I haven’t had a chance for individual replies, but I am reading. We have a fabulous support system, both on and offline, and I am confident we’ll end up in a good place soon!

A few of you asked how you can help, and I do have an answer for you, but no time to type it up right now. In the meantime, if you’re a sci-fi fan, maybe you’d like some of Neil’s suggestions?

I just joined Sulia as one of their experts in the Crafts channel (Yay!) I’ll be posting links to crafty cool things I find on the web. Follow me if you are so inclined!

I’ve worked hard today. And now there’s a fire in the fireplace and some kids to hang out with before they go to bed. Time to put the laptop away for the night. Sweet dreams, all!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “A few things

  1. Re: the long awaited yarny buttons tutorial

    I think we all realize that you’ve been a little preoccupied with oh you know a hurricane, power outage, and Nor’easter. Me thinks you should cut yourself some slack 🙂

    However, I am excited for the tutorial.

    1. The ironic thing is that I spent much of the time during the power outage twiddling my thumbs. I probably could have squeezed some writing time in there 🙂

      1. Did you just critisize yourself for not being productive enough when you were without power?…I see my “give yourself some slack,” advice has fallen on deaf ears.

        Wishing you much productivity today – and perhaps some margin to do something fun or restful. 🙂

        1. Oh my gosh, yes I just did! What was I thinking? Thanks for setting me straight 🙂 Now I need to go treat myself to a second cup of coffee before I start my work day, I think!

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