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Not a good time

Yesterday morning I went food shopping for all of the ingredients that would get me started on a cleanse. I read the book Clean a few months ago, and it completely sold me on the idea at the time, but I hadn’t been able to find three convenient consecutive weeks to try it out. This past weekend, I decided that there would never be a perfect time, and I should just go for it.

So Monday I loaded up on the right foods, and this morning I made almond milk. That was kind of cool.

I followed the almond milk up with a green smoothie recipe from the book. Oh, man. It was like drinking liquid leaves. I had a hard time getting the first gulp down, but I threw in a frozen peach, re-blended, and it was marginally palatable. I finished the whole thing, but I didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

Lunch time was nice. I made some sesame ginger chicken. Yummy.

Lunch is the only solid meal you are allowed on this program, so I pulled out the blender again for supper. This time I tried a recipe for chilled cucumber soup. I really wish I had liked it, but I just couldn’t take it. Three spoonfuls and I gave up.

And when I say “gave up,” I mean “made myself a peanut butter sandwich and gave up the cleanse entirely.”

See, undergoing a cleanse is a dicey prospect for this vegetable-impaired girl on a good day. But I was eager to make it work, and I figured I would just experiment with recipes until I found the magic liquid concoction(s) that I wouldn’t mind downing twice a day for three weeks. But this was just not a good time to start. And here’s why:

We just lost the contents of our refrigerator and freezer to the hurricane. They are empty of all of the little things that come in so handy when you are trying to tweak a recipe. I have no ability to experiment right now.

And probably most important reason? Neil lost his job yesterday afternoon. Right after my big splurge at Whole Foods. Ugh.

No, not a good time.

I can’t be experimenting with vegetables I may or may not like, or making entire blenders full of soups that will just get poured down the drain, when there’s no money coming in.

So, the cleanse will wait. It seems rather small in the grand scheme of things now, anyway.

I think my smoothie-making time is going to have to give way to job-searching time. What a bummer. I was kind of hoping to build Polka Dot Cottage into a nice little venture that would support us into our old age, along with Neil’s Clarkesworld Magazine. But neither of us have gotten there yet.

Maybe someday 🙂

Posted on 25 Comments

25 thoughts on “Not a good time

  1. I was going to say: I never do well on all or nothing but that’s not true. Sometimes I have to go all or nothing.

    Mostly though, I do better with habit building. Make yourself eat one more serving of fruits or veggies a day. Take out one serving of junk a day (or a week!). Do it for a week.

  2. Ugh, I’m so sorry about the cleanse, the job loss, the whole thing, just a big bummer

  3. I agree, not a good time at all. I’m sorry about the job loss, especially so soon after other unpleasant ordeals.

  4. Oh Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear about Neil’s job, especially since you have been dealing with so much over the last few weeks. Hang in there, and let me know if I can do anything.

  5. Oh no! Hugs.

  6. Ugh. What a year you all have had. I’m so sorry … I hope things turn around for the better quickly!

  7. Tough time, right after the hurricane! I’ll pray that Neal gets a better job, one that he enjoys more and pays better.

  8. Sorry to hear about Neil’s job. That sucks — this year has not been kind to you guys. I hope he finds something soon.

    I wouldn’t worry over the cleansing thing; I’ve read that that kind of thing is bogus and not supported by any kind of scientific evidence.

    (I’m sure that there will be people jumping on me for that last paragraph, with tales of how it worked for you. But anecdotes are not science.)

  9. Sorry to hear about Neil’s job. As for the cleanse. I read the book and like the idea of it but I know don’t do well when I’m told what to eat. Maybe just try and use some of the tool and focus on good-for-you food like green smoothies (that you enjoy).

  10. Dearest!

    I hope, that husbant will get new job soon. It is not good time, specialy not for man.



  11. Oh Lisa, I can relate. Last year this time we went through the same thing only my hubbys previous employer had still owed him 8weeks of pay before laying him off. Which is now being fought as a class action law suite with the other employees he did this to too. We made it through and made it work. I know it’s stressful but seriously try to hang in thing I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason although we may not know what that is it during those rough patches.. My hubby ended up getting a different job with a huge pay cut but we made it work and this past summer he decided to find partners and open our own business and take our future in our own hands. Scary yes but hopefully worth it. Yea this fall seems to have handed many that big bag of suck it. Not sure if you have been keeping up with my blog lately but about a month after going forward on our own business I was diagnosed with breast cancer so there put another strain on our finances which we had budgeted for the next year. But it is what it is and maybe I can help bring awareness to others about knowing your body and never ever let a dr brush you aside and insist on further testing to see exactly what that lump may be!!! You can read about it all over on my blog if you want.Anyway Lisa I hope you and your family hang in there and I know you will get through this rough spot too. It may sound cliche but knitting has really helped my stress level during all of this just be careful not to have your knitting tension to tight:)

    1. Oh my gosh, Janey, I just read your blog, and I have to say you are living one of my biggest fears! It sounds like you are doing really well, and I wish the best for you in what must be such a scary situation. Yikes. (And yet another reminder that I really do have to schedule that mammogram I keep putting off… )

      P.S. That wig you said was your favorite? I really like it – it looks so nice on you! I wouldn’t have even guessed it was a wig.

  12. oh, I am so so sorry. What a crumby time for your husband’s company to do that! I hope he has lots of possibilities! And as for the cleanse, it can wait. Take what you bought, and find amazing Juice recipes, and just add those in.
    I wish you and your family a happy season, and a prosperous new year.

  13. Life is just too hard at times. I will pray that Neil finds another job that he loves. You have had a tough year.

    I tried those types of smoothies. Couldn’t get them down either.

  14. How awful. One thing on top of the other – funny how that happens. Not easy, best wishes all round. Chin up girl you are strong.

  15. Wow, this has not been your year! They say thing’s happen in 3’s – heart attack, hurricane and now job loss – the bad things are over, and there can now only be better things to come! I bet there’s are bigger, better, higher paid job just around the corner! Try and stay positive, best of luck – I’ll be praying for you all. xxx

  16. Oh my!
    A) We’re humans, not slugs. We don’t need to cleanse, we’re not built to cleanse, they only call it “cleanse” ’cause they knew we’d all see through “diarrhea-diet.”
    B) Fridges DO need cleanses. I’d much rather see your fridge get cleansed (even forcefully and untimely) than you!
    C) I think Neil is an amazing guy; has a lot of spirit, backbone, and drive; and will be back on top of everything sooner than you might bet. Of course, that’s never soon enough before-hand, but he’s not gonna let you down.
    D) You need to tell all of us how we can help. Should you guys decide to move completely across the country, I’ve got room at my house!
    E) Chin up, yo!

    1. Ha! Diarrhea Diet!

  17. Lisa I’m so sorry to hear Neil lost his job- and my goodness you hid that information all the way at the bottom of your post. Couched in this story about a cleanse diet gone wrong.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your husbands job loss. We just went through a lay off last year and it was stressful. I hope and pray that he finds something great soon! As for the cleans, it might be better to just try to keep adding in more good and healthy recipes. Eventually, the good will crowd out the bad.

  19. Well, you sure have had a heck of a year! Just keep swimming, this too shall pass. It sucks, it really does, but you can get through it, just one day at a time.

  20. Oh, Lisa. I’m so sorry this has happened. We’ve been through those job things. I have to say this. If there’s even the slightest hint that he was laid off because of his heart attack, talk to an attorney. That’s against the law but employers get away with it all the time. Cancer patients especially. I think it’s cruel and heartless of them to do that now, just before the holidays and so soon after his health problems. I hope you guys are okay and I’ll be sending all positive thoughts and prayers your way. And hugs, too!

  21. So sorry Cuz – what a rotten year for you guys! It’s just unfair. My warm thoughts are with you, and I will get to hug you all soon.

    1. Thanks, Kath. Much appreciated. Are you heading East sometime soon? Would love to get together if you are.

  22. Lisa, I remember the day I came home with brochures from furniture stores because I wanted to buy something for the living room. My husband told me he’d been laid off. The brochures when straight into the trash. He looked for work for a couple of months and did some consulting. Then I said,” Why don’t you forget about the job and write the book you’ve been thinking about for the past 10 years and find a publisher?”

    I was petrified. My stepson was just about to start college. I had no idea how we were going to make it. I refinanced the house and cut back where I could. Step sweetie helped by flunking out of college and – that’s a whole other story. Long story short, book written and published. Very little money from it but it opened up a world of adventures. Step sweetie had some necessary life experiences and-long story short- now has a BA courtesy of Verizon and is thinking about grad school.

    I might not have a job by this time next year. I am not sure what is going to happen, but for some reason I think it will be OK. I have a feeling you and Neil and the guys will be OK too. Just a feeling.

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