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Watermelon Cucumber Slushies

One of the things that was waiting for me upon our return from the Boston area last Thursday was a book I had requested from the library: People’s Pops: 55 Recipes for Ice Pops, Shave Ice, and Boozy Pops from Brooklyn’s Coolest Pop Shop

Nearly all of the recipes in this book follow a formula: fresh fruit + simple syrup + ice pop mold. I like the simplicity of that, as well as the fact that it can fit in nicely with our new dietary restrictions around here. The first pop to catch my eye was the Watermelon & Cucumber Pops, but when I set out to make it, I discovered my ice pop mold was nowhere to be found.

I didn’t want to go out and buy another one, but I also didn’t want the watermelon I had to go bad. So, I came up with another plan that would involve most of the same ingredients: Watermelon Cucumber Slushies!


  • 1 lbs watermelon (about 1/3 of bowling-ball-sized melon)
  • 1/2 lb cucumber (about 1 small)
  • 3 tb agave nectar or to taste


  1. Scoop the guts out of the watermelon, put them into a sealed container, and freeze until solid. (I scooped out my entire watermelon, and am saving the frozen leftovers for another time.)
  2. Peel the cucumber, cut into chunks, and puree in a blender.
  3. Add the frozen watermelon and agave syrup to the pureed cucumber, and blend until smooth. (You might want to stop blending after a few pulses so you may taste and adjust the agave if necessary, before continuing.)
  4. Pour into icy mugs and enjoy!

This made just enough for the four of us to have with supper.  I wish I could say we all loved it, but the general consensus was that it was somewhat like drinking a cucumber. We have varying amounts of tolerance among us to the drinking of cucumbers, but sadly none of us really is excited about it.

Still, I wanted to share because A) someone out there must be enthusiastic about the idea of drinking a cucumber, and B) I didn’t want the pictures I took to go to waste. (You’re not surprised by that second reason, are you?)

Besides, I still have hope that with adjusted quantities this could be a go-to summer drink around here. My family disagrees, but that’s ok. More for me.

Here’s a little bonus recipe within a recipe for you: Baked chicken nuggets from Sing for Your Supper. My sister-in-law sent me the link this week, and I made them tonight with a couple of changes.


  • I replaced the salt and pepper with 3/4 ts Mrs. Dash Table Blend (thanks, Beth and Kathi for the recommendations).
  • I used far less olive oil than called for, probably only 2 tb total, spreading it around w/ a pastry brush when necessary.
  • I used the grapeseed oil spray I had on-hand instead of the butter spray I didn’t have.

They were quite good! Even the picky miniature people I live with said they weren’t terrible (trust me, that’s high praise).

And served with a drinkable cucumber, it made a pretty healthy meal 🙂

Here are both recipes on

Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Watermelon Cucumber Slushies

  1. You know, even before I got to the part where you didn’t want to waste the photos I was thinking “I wonder if Lisa ever thought about doing photography professionally?” It was the one with the 4 glasses that really did it, though I’ve thought before that you’re really good at it.

    1. Thanks! I have been getting more and more interested in photography over the last few years. I don’t think I’m quite professional level, but I’m really happy with how far I’ve come 🙂

  2. I’m one of those people who would probably enjoy drinking a cucumber, lol

    1. Oh good, glad there is at least one of you out there 🙂

  3. uh…I think I will pass on drinking the cucumber, but I am thinking watermelon and some other fruit might be good 😀

    Good onya for getting the Mrs Dash. Our favorites are the garlic mix and the lime one, but we use them all.

    1. I am thinking of trying watermelon + cantaloupe next. I’ve got a melon in the fridge just asking to be cut up and pureed…

      I bought the Table Blend and the Italian Blend so far, and have been happy with both. Last night I sauteed some chicken in nothing but the tiniest dribble of olive oil, some minced garlic, and a generous sprinkling of the Italian Blend. It was quite good.

  4. There’s a cucumber drink on offer at the local farmers markets, from the same agua fresca stand that has lemonade, horchata, etc. The one you made, I’m thinking the watermelon isn’t a strong enough flavor to cover the cucumber. This one has citrus and mint, which might work better:
    Cucumber-lime-chili is a pretty traditional combo for Mexican popsicles (paletas)–again, citrus and spice are strong enough to cover the citrus flavor:

    1. I actually have a pretty good recipe for a cucumber cooler, but in this case, the hope was to taste more of the watermelon. The kids rebelled (and none-too-politely, I might add) against the cucumber flavor in their watermelon slushies. Mean mother that I am, I made them drink them anyway.

      My next move is to either use the watermelon alone, or add a more mild fruit to it.

  5. When I was in China they served watermelon smoothies all the time. I fell in love with them. But, they definitely didn’t have cucumber in them. I think cucumber would be too strong for watermelon. I make them at home and add other fruit, especially an apple. Try it before you add agave nectar (which we also use.) Sometimes it is sweet enough on its own.

    I’m glad you like the Mrs. Dash. We have a few of the blends and don’t miss the salt at all.

    1. I never thought of adding apple to watermelon. I’ll have to remember that one – I still have plenty of frozen watermelon to use.

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