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Baker’s twine and push pins

And a whole lot of wishes for good health.

I think Neil might like our new family room decoration when he gets out of the hospital.  It’s simply a length of baker’s twine with a slip knot at each end, held up with thumb tacks. Easy but effective!

The kidney stone is still hanging in there. If it weren’t for the heart condition, they’d have blasted the darn thing and sent him home days ago. But… no such luck.  It’s all rather tricky and nerve-wracking. We’re hoping that at some point the cardiologist, urologist, and general practitioner will agree on a safe course of action, but until then, we’re waiting it out, and Neil is sampling a variety of painkillers.

We still can’t believe the (bad) luck of having a heart attack and a kidney stone within a week of each other. Neil has suggested with all of the improbabilities touching us lately that I might want to buy a lottery ticket. Couldn’t hurt!

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Baker’s twine and push pins

  1. Still thinking about you all and sending healing thoughts.

  2. Lottery ticket? Absolutely! Still sending the take care vibes! Byrd

  3. Go ahead and buy the ticket! I really hope everything goes back to normal soon. My prayers are with you.

  4. I am just catching up with my favorite blogs today. Oh my lord has your family had a time of it. Your blogs are still so uplifting amid the turmoil. God bless Neil, you and the boys. And, yes, buy the lottery ticket.

  5. Sad to see that Neil still isn’t home, but my what an out pouring of love and well wishes you’ve got hanging up there.

    Sending healthy thoughts his way.

  6. Oh Lisa what a shock to hear about Neil going through soo much! I’ve been following your blog for years and have seen you take this same trip several times, without such a dramatic and scary storyline! I hope Neil can get back to full health very quickly. What a huge stress-or for you all. My love and thoughts go to you all. ~Cindy

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