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More trickles

And the sheets just keep trickling in. Check out that purple set! Most of these are either familiar to me in that I’ve seen the patterns before, or familiar in the way certain combinations of colors can be familiar. But purple? That’s a new one on me.



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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “More trickles

  1. Hey! The purple was from me. I didn’t realise it was unusual. I have another pillowcase and sheet, but the sheet is really worn and faded in the center. And from what you’ve posted – I love the top one in the middle photo, the big blue/white/green flowers. Please can I have one of those?

  2. Oh wow that Purple one is AWESOME!!! Mine are hopefully getting in the mail tomorrow, Friday at the latest I promise 🙂

  3. The middle one in the fourth picture down intrigues me, as does the one on the bottom in that same stack. In the third photo down – is that a stripe or a plaid? The blue and green flowers on the top of that stack are cool, too!
    Heck, they’re pretty much all cool…

  4. That purple is fantastic! I also like that wavy pattern on the 2nd fabric in the second photo and the bottom fabric in the 4th photo looks cool too.

  5. I like the top sheets in the first and second photos. I dig the roses and the blue daisy sheet.

  6. Oooh, pink flowers on aqua backround??? Yes, please! 🙂 (The top sheet (or two?) in the second photo. That would be perfect in my daughter’s room! She picked colors of lavender, pink and aqua, and we have lavender covered, but no aqua yet!!


  7. Oh, I missed the deadline a while back and had just found a few vintage sheets. I hope you do this again!

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