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Breakfasting in the untamed outdoors

365 day 224 - Good Morning

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In the back yard

In theory I am an open-windows kind of girl.  I love falling asleep next to one, waking up next to one, going about my day feeling the cross breeze throughout the house… if it were practical, I would live with the windows wide open all day, every day throughout the summer.

In practice, though, it is often so so humid that open windows make the indoors as oppressive and sticky as the outdoors.  My feet stick to the floor, my hand sticks to the banister.  It’s really unpleasant.  And so I find myself buttoning the house up tight and turning on the central air.  I try not to use it too much – I keep the thermostat up near 80 degrees so that the a/c kicks on only just enough to suck the moisture out of the air.

The house has been closed up entirely too much this summer for my taste.

The last few days, though?  Heavenly!  Last night I worked on another granny square project outside, and this morning I took my coffee and my tablet out there to start my day with the lovely breeze and my favorite blogs.

Those favorite blogs have authors who are very good at creating a mood in their yards.  They are surrounded by flowers, well-tended gardens and welcoming outdoor decor.  My yard isn’t really like that.  It’s a bit on the unkempt side.  (Neil says it sounds better if I refer to it as “natural.”  Heh. )

It’s beautiful in its own way, I think.  I do love the look of hanging flower baskets, and twinkly lights, but I’m also content enough just to have the grass cut and the breeze blowing through the tall plants.  Sitting out there with a nice beverage and some needlework or reading makes for such a peaceful start (and end) to the day.

Happy Friday – may you find a few peaceful retreats of your own this weekend!

7 thoughts on “Breakfasting in the untamed outdoors

  1. I, too, am the luster of the romantically kept back yard. Manicured and purposefully plan within an inch of its life, for someone else to do. However, I love my weird, big back yard. Lots of grass for the dogs and a busy street behind for car noise (which I love for some reason). I have a gorgeous view of the mountains and blissful shade for the first part of the day.

    My point, relish your natural-ness!

    1. Duly relished 🙂

  2. “@lclarke522: Breakfasting in the untamed outdoors #chitchat #beautifuljersey #summer” sounds lovely!

  3. Love the photographs of your natural outdoors – I too love being outside at any opportunity and usually have my breakfast outdoors during the long summer break from school – whatever the weather.
    Happy Weekend

    1. That sounds lovely. I’m picky about my comfort, as much as I hate to be, so I tend not to be out there unless it’s pleasant and not humid 🙂

  4. untamed? looks perfect to me– i have to wait until 5pm before i can go sit in the outside. watching the shade slowly creep in. 🙂

    1. Aw, sunny back yard, eh? I’ve got a million trees, which makes for plenty of shade (and plenty of freak-outs over potentially falling branches!)

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