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All fixed

Now, that's better.
Phew.  That’s better.  Thanks, everyone who weighed in on my shirt dilemma.  I machine-sewed a seam in the top of each shoulder strap that allowed me to cut off about six rows of crochet from each strap.  That made it more reasonable.  I zig-zagged the seam to make it less likely to unravel, but I suspect I still may be holding my breath when I toss it in the wash.

The fit of the fabric part was all wrong, too, so I shortened it by a few inches, and took it in on the sides.

Turns out, if I had just chosen one size smaller when I made the shirt originally,  that part would have fit me perfectly.  Live and learn!

And just because I enjoy side-by-side before-and-after shots:

Uh oh. Now, that's better.

Yep.  Much happier with it now.  I may even make another… 🙂


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “All fixed

  1. Looks fantastic. What an original top! Looking good.

  2. well done. i love the new length. that would have been funny if you had shown the shirt all pulled down to the belly button. lol
    sad though that it get chopped…..good practice though.

    1. I can’t imagine that being funny for anyone – nobody needs to see my belly button, LOL!

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