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Picture Color, the final chapter

So Picture Color is over, and as usually happens to me at the end of one of these project months, I am relieved.  I had fun, but am ready to be done.  30 days seems to be my magic number.

Color day 25 - Heavy metal

Day 25 – heavy metal

Color day 26 - Watching for whimsy

Day 26 – watching for whimsy

Color day 27 - Going back in time

Day 27 – going back in time

Color day 28 - The color of happy

Day 28 – the color of happy

Color day 29 - Sunrise sunset

Day 29 – sunrise sunset

Color day 30 - Piecing it all together

Day 30 – piecing it all together

So now I have a dilemma.  I’ve been telling myself all year that I would go back and re-do Picture Summer when July rolled around again. (I couldn’t get entirely into it last year for several reasons.)  But now that July is here, and I’ve just finished a month-long project, I am not feeling the love for that idea.  Not sure what I’m going to do.  I think I’ll regret it, if I don’t do it, but I don’t feel ready to jump right into another daily project.

Maybe I’ll just work through the prompts at whatever pace I feel like it… I have them all saved from last year, so there’s really nothing stopping me from moving slower or faster than intended, I suppose!

(I just love it when I start out looking for advice from you all, and end up answering my own question before I’ve even posted it!)

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1 thought on “Picture Color, the final chapter

  1. Go rogue and mix up the prompts and do them willy-nilly whenever the spirit moves you! I’m always in favor of gentle subversion…just sayin’

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