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Waiting for the fireworks

If you find yourself faced with a long wait in a crowded park, anticipating Fourth of July fireworks, might I suggest bringing along a diversion like this one?

At the fireworks

At the fireworks

My parents took us all out to their local fireworks on Thursday night, and along with a few bottles of cold water, my mother brought the old deck of UNO cards.

I knew Mom was smart, but bringing UNO to the fireworks?  Genius.

As always, UNO is multi-generational fun at it’s best 🙂

The more players the merrier… Happy Fourth of July!

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Waiting for the fireworks

  1. My grandmother nearly always had a deck of cards in her purse, for just such situations. I used to think that’s why they put tray tables on planes.

    1. Grandmothers are so smart. I can barely remember to put a deck in our travel bag when we go on vacation, let alone keep a deck handy for normal run-of-the-mill days.

  2. Grandson goes with me to a downtown coffee shop sometimes. He loves that place because they have a deck of Uno cards. We can play for hours-that is until I’m tired of him whipping me!

    1. Heh. Uno is one of those games that seems to be equal opportunity in terms of whipping. My kids have been able to beat me since they were five 🙂

  3. Uno is so much fun! We have a teeny Tiny deck of Uno that is probably 2″ x 1″ in size that I can throw in my purse for emergencies. Pretty fun to have along for moments like this!

    Hope you had a great time at the Fireworks. It looks like it was a beautiful night for you. Happy 4th of July!

    1. Aw, that sounds too cute. And very handy. I should look into finding a deck like that for my bag.

  4. After the BBQ we all played Scattergories. Fun!

    1. Fun! I really love playing games like that with a big group.

  5. So I have spent the last couple of days in South Jersey visiting family. Tomorrow we go to Wildwood until Friday. But this evening the kids were running out of “goodness”, which doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the visit.

    HOWEVER, my point is that I pulled out a deck of Uno and within ten minutes all four were having a great time laughing and making jokes. It worked out great.

    And I have to give you credit for putting this idea in my head so it would be there when I needed it. Thanks!

    (plus I hear there are thunderstorms forecast for Sunday so I think we’ll be pulling them out again soon!)

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