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Picture Winter, week four

Yes folks, Picture Winter is almost at an end.  If only I could say the same about the actual winter…

Winter day 22 - Centerpiece

Day 22 – Centerpiece

Winter day 23 - High strung

Day 23 – High Strung

Winter day 24 - Obscurity

Day 24 – Obscurity

Winter day 25 - The magic machine

Day 25 – The magic machine

Winter day 26 - A beautiful mess

Day 25 – A beautiful mess

Winter day 27 - Give yourself a hand

Day 27 – Give yourself a hand

Winter day 28 - Details of winter

Day 28 – Details of winter

I’ve been thinking a lot about Picture Spring, although I doubt I am anticipating another prompt-following project as much as I am anticipating actual spring!

Remind me why I live in this climate, again?

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