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Picture the Holidays, week three

I closed all of my various shops tonight (all except the download shop) and now I am free to shift gears.  I’m leaving behind business and jumping head first into holiday preparations.  I’m always so excited for this day.  It feels good to let go of a little responsibility for a while and just focus on having a fun and special holiday.

That lasts for about a day and a half before I become a raging ball of stress.

Heh.  I kid.  I’m making lists this weekend.  Lists keep stress at bay and make everything run smoooooothly.  That’s the theory anyway.  Wish me luck with that.

So apparently it’s Friday, and even though the Friday Photo Love thing seems to have fizzled, I’m still in the habit of posting something picture-related at this time of the week.

Without further ado, my latest submissions to Picture the Holidays:


Day 11: Shaping Up


Day 12: A Whole Lot of Happy


Day 13: Simply Divine


Day 14: Sincerely Yours


Day 15: Got Gifts?


Day 16: The Season of Lights


Day 17: Warm Glow

I’m not thrilled with the last two.  This camera and I don’t see eye to eye in low-light situations.  It’s one of those things I’ll have to practice!

My plans this weekend include shipping three orders that squeaked through at the very last minute tonight, and sewing up a Christmas apron that I started last week.

Then I need to sit down and make some lists so I don’t lose my mind 😉

I’ll be back with an apron show and tell soon!

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